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About Dr. Cutler

  • Medical Doctor, Tulane Medical School
  • Board-Certified Family Practice Physician
  • Founder and Director of the Total Health Institute Medical Clinic
  • Practiced integrative medicine at the Modern Health Clinic for Advanced Medicine
  • A pioneer in discovering and developing new, natural health remedies
  • Editor of Easy Health Options, a leading natural health newsletter
  • Advocate of great health without drugs, surgery or expensive medical procedures

Saved: Why doctor's orders almost killed me

Michael Cutler, M.D. Michael Cutler, M.D., pioneer in natural healing and weight loss

How did I go from a medicine-only doctor to become a natural health specialist who created over 30 products that empower you to feel, look and live better?

It started with my own health nightmare. Blindly following a mainstream doctor's orders cost me a fortune, mutilated my body and nearly killed me. For years, I suffered from ulcerative colitis and constant abdominal pain. As a traditionally-trained, M.D., I was taught that drugs and surgery were my options. So I went down the path of pumping drugs into my body and having surgery. The result? These traditional treatments left me in a nighttime diaper at age 33.

I want you to know my story because I'm not only an M.D., but a real person who's life has been permanently changed by an intestinal disease. Had I taken steps to support my health during those early times of distress, it's likely I could have avoided this dire situation.

Once I discovered the awesome self-healing, rejuvenating, naturally-slimming power of a health-promoting diet, productive lifestyle choices and natural herbs and supplements, I began a quest to learn everything I could about this.

I challenge YOU to do the same, STARTING TODAY!