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Ultimate Lectin Defense

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Quick Overview

Ultimate Lectin Defense - A Natural Defense Against the Hidden Causes of Food Intolerance.

lifetime guarantee made in the usa
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
 Amount Per
% Daily
Sodium15 mg<1%
N-Acetyl Glucosamine (crab, shrimp)400 mg
Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) whole plant200 mg
Okra fruit100 mg
D-Mannose100 mg
Mucin100 mg
Sodium Alginate130 mg
†Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use:Take two capsules before each meal.

Store in a cool, dry place.


A Natural Defense Against the Hidden Causes of Food Intolerance

Some people can tell when a particular food they ate disagreed with them and will avoid it, while others have been eating foods that have been slowly eroding their health without noticing it because they have become used to the low-grade discomfort in their GI tracts. Many common symptoms are really the result of the lectin interactions with our cells. An example of a common lectin that many have heard of is gluten from wheat.

Lectins are specialized proteins commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and seafood, and especially in grains, beans and seeds. They are not degraded by stomach acid or proteolytic enzymes, making them virtually resistant to digestion. Certain lectins consumed in everyday foods can bind to cells in the gut and to blood cells, initiating a response in the body and contributing to such problems as digestive distress, bloating, and post-meal fatigue, etc. Ultimate Lectin Defense™ is a unique blend designed to "lock up" problematic lectins and potentially escort them out of the body. Take with every meal for better health now as part of a program of continued health for the future.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal.

Each bottle of Ultimate Lectin Defense™ contains 120 Capsules, or a one-month supply, if taken at the recommended dosage of 2 Capsules twice daily.

Customer Reviews
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    I tolerate foods better

    I have been taking Ultimate Lectin Defense before each meal for more than a year. With it I can mostly eat meals without discomfort. Without it I cannot. I am now 88 and since I discovered Ultimate Lectin Defense I can eat with almost no discomfort.

    Reviewed on 6/5/15 by Beva Olson

    1 capsule for HHA

    Ultimate Lectin Defense works great for Hiatal Hernia (HHA)
    if t I take ONE CAPSULE AFTER other supplements so as NOT to block them.
    If I take two as in the beginning it does not work for me.
    ONE Capsule 30 minutes before food is PERFECT.
    If I take two capsules prior food I can only eat very little food
    and have to prepare food again really soon.
    So one capsule 30 minutes prior food IS PERFECT:-) for me!

    Reviewed on 1/15/15 by Toni Jackson

    How I use Ultimate Lectin Defense

    When I first got this product, I used it regularly as it was prescribed. It really solved the gas and bloating. I really was pleased. I now, with diet changes, do not need it on a regular basis but if I go off my diet (sometimes resturant foods are real killers) I need to take it again and within a few days I'm back to normal. This is a really good product, at least for me.

    Reviewed on 8/5/14 by Judy Marshall

    Would buy this product again.

    Used each time before each meal with a 70%\nreduction in bloating and discomfort (able\nto quantify since I am a CPA).

    Reviewed on 1/14/12 by HECTOR THE SURVIVOR

    good product

    This product really works. It relived my diarrhea and bloating, thank you so very much for this product.

    Reviewed on 1/11/12 by arlene 3

    Really works for me!

    I have taken these for 1-2 months and have seen improvement in my skin's appearance, even when I don't eat right!

    Reviewed on 1/9/12 by lulumei

    It really works!

    We are health conscious people, avoid wheat and follow the genotype diet but we stray sometimes so it has eased my stomach pains and gives my husband clarity of thought!

    Reviewed on 1/7/12 by PJ

    Godsend for a Troubled Relative

    I have sent ULTIMATE LECTIN DEFENSE to our niece She was enlightened that I have found a product that is helping to ease her misery, since presently she has to be on sick leave. ULTIMATE LECTIN DEFENSE provides her with the hope to be able to get back to work soon.

    Reviewed on 1/4/12 by A Concerned Aunt

    Ultimate Lectin Defense

    Try to follow directions. Still effective but seems to have been a little better at first.

    Reviewed on 12/28/11 by Don't have one

    Product makes gluten free diet easier!

    I use Ultimate Lectin before each meal, to take care of anything that might have gluten in it. I find that it has helped other food alleries that I've had for years......not just the gluten.\nIt's very easy to take.

    Reviewed on 12/27/11 by Tootsie

    Ultimate Lectin Defence

    seems to do what I hoped.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by None

    gluten sensitivity

    I have only been on it for a month so do not know yet how effective it will be.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by bunny47

    A second chance!

    I have been feeling great for about 8 months now. . .

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by Silvia in Phoenix

    very good product! It really works!

    This product works very well, have been using it for 1 month now and have not had gas, bloating or diarrhea. Its all great!

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by mommy with three children



    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by BRONI

    Jury's out

    Seems to be helping, but no drastic results. I just ordered some more, and will continue to try it.

    Reviewed on 11/17/11 by Mom

    Fantastic Results with Lectin Defense

    When I read about this I ordered it immediately after talking to one of your representatives. After 2-3 weeks the diarrhea and other symtoms had ceased and I have continued on it for 6-8 months . it has changed my life. \nThank you\nBettsy Brown

    Reviewed on 10/31/11 by Bettsy

    Wife has a problem with this product.

    This product was taken with meals in the morning and evening.. This product has not reduce the amount of gas I have.

    Reviewed on 10/14/11 by fran

    It works

    I added this product on the advice of my naturopathic practitioner. Evidently my body had become sensitive to protein. Lectin has corrected the issue with digestion and absorption. I have been adjusting the amount and find that one capsule before a meal works. . There is adequate protein in many other sources. The symptoms have corrected: usual digestive issues. Thank you for this product and for the research and brain power behind this, making this available. It definitely has improved my health and my life.

    Reviewed on 10/9/11 by Happy Camper

    I have reordered 3 times

    I have noticed I am not as stiff and feel better.

    Reviewed on 10/5/11 by keys0102

    This should be part of Everyone's day!!

    . This product has been amazing for the digestive issues and overall stomach comfort. My 21 year old daughter has a chance now to be normal again, the last 3 years without hope are gone.

    Reviewed on 10/3/11 by happy mom

    I'm delighted with the results

    I'm very happy with the results. . . Thanks, Dr. Cutler!

    Reviewed on 9/29/11 by Judy DelNinno

    It Works!

    I take Lectin Defense before each meal as recommended. It has taken care of the digestive issues that were making me uncomfortable and concerned about my choices of food. It takes awhile to get in the habit of taken a supplement before your meals, but the good results will soon help you to remember.

    Reviewed on 9/29/11 by a well-known author and teacher

    Great product

    I generally use as directed, with all meals. It has greatly improved my digestive system, more than any other single product.

    Reviewed on 9/22/11 by Auntie M

    I would by again.

    I take one capsele before each meal. It works.

    Reviewed on 9/17/11 by na

    I would buy this product again

    I am unable to say that it works for me. I will continue to take it anyway. I am on my second or third bottle. I still have diarrhea, bloating, etc.

    Reviewed on 9/10/11 by Mimi

    Shoulda found Lectin Defense earlier!

    Cons:\nSmells unpleasant, tastes unpleasant\nInstructions for dosing not very clear: Exactly how long before food should I take it? With food or before food? What if I take it after food? Can I take just 1 capsule for small meals? Or always take 2? How about more for heavy lectin-rich meals?\n\nPros:\ Seems to not work if taken well before a meal (eg 30min).. Seems not to be so effective if I stress the system continuously with too many lectin-rich meals.\n\nBut when all the trial and error is done, I am getting steady, repeatable results. Always leave some interval between lectin-rich foods, to let the body rest and detox. Thank you for bringing this product to the world of lectin-reactive sufferers!

    Reviewed on 9/2/11 by Hardy

    Bloating too Sizes of Pants

    With all the True Health combined to tune up a 66 old body; it is difficult to find the best mechanics; however with one bottle I have had an excellent reduction in bloating. Of course cleansing the liver, kidney, gallbladder and colon has help the 'tune up' for the motor to run a lot better. Cleaning of all working parts is constant if one is a legal multiple pharmaceutical drugs addict. Too your health.

    Reviewed on 8/30/11 by Retired Dog Lover

    Lectin Defense

    This did not help me.

    Reviewed on 8/19/11 by Linda

    Lectin Defense

    My digestive issues were unaffected, even though I used it exactly as instructed.

    Reviewed on 8/18/11 by dyztilz

    Don't judge a book by its cover""

    Gave me diarrhea. Returned for refud.

    Reviewed on 8/8/11 by Ned

    Whew! finally relief!

    I started taking Lectin Defense and after 2+ weeks I find that the gas, gurgling have diminished greatly. I take 2 caps b4 each meal. I have gone thru 1 bottle and just started the 2nd one . I wish the caps were smaller, though. Sometimes they get stuck in my throat and it takes a lot of water to get them down.

    Reviewed on 8/7/11 by Lorraine the Pain*

    it did not help me

    I was hoping it would help me with wheat sesitivity.

    Reviewed on 7/30/11 by Judy

    Works for Me!

    A restrictive diet helps but Ultimate Lectin Defense has made a hugh difference. Just finished first bottle and can't believe the benefits. My problem really progressed as I got older. I am now seventy and the future didn't look to bright. I have tried so many remedies. Up until now the only one that worked somewhat was a restricive diet. I still plan on following my diet but in combination with Ultimate Lectin Defense the results are soo much better Thanks Dr Cutler for making my future look brighter.

    Reviewed on 7/28/11 by HJ

    Delivers on the promise it makes

    The Ultimate Lectin Defence has cut down on gas. It has been a relief especially in the summer when the sensitivities become more severe.

    Reviewed on 7/22/11 by D. G.

    rid yourself of heartburn, acid reflux!!

    Using this product for two week and so far I can again eat wheat products in a limited amount with NO digestive problems or heart burn!!

    Reviewed on 7/20/11 by Nana

    Does what it claims!

    My husband & I take this product before we eat. We both are pleased with the fact that we don't suffer with gas & bloating issues as we did prior to making these capsules a regular part of our mealtimes & snacks.

    Reviewed on 7/12/11 by Sagebrush

    Great product

    Have used daily, before all meal for the past month. Have found the product to do what advertising says it will do, better than other products used in the past. Have been pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness; have encountered no unwanted effects.

    Reviewed on 7/12/11 by Auntie M

    I've tried them all... Seriously.

    I've tried everything out there, to battle bloating and digestive issues of all kinds. I've not had anything work as well as this Lectin Defense. Take one before a meal, and maybe one after, and it's like living in a new world. It is so nice to be comfortable after a meal. Now, let's be clear. This doesn't give a license to eat stupid. Do you homework and put together healthy menus. Take Lectin Defense. And, take a good hard look at how well you feel. Really recognize it, discipline yourself, and enjoy life again.

    Reviewed on 7/11/11 by marlin1881

    great product

    i take this product several times a day...i truly believe in it...thank-you Dr. Cutler.

    Reviewed on 7/11/11 by prema


    Great relief from belching, and gas. Use with every meal.

    Reviewed on 7/11/11 by JIMINEE

    I plan to continue with this product

    I take ultimate lectin defense before eating. But at times we eat away from home & I am not sure what is in the food - so to be safe I take the lectin defense. I also take it at home as it does help me much..I no longer suffer from the stomach problems I had before. When I don't take the lectin defense I can tell a difference.

    Reviewed on 7/7/11 by Ruth

    pleasantly surprised at its results...

    I take the Ultimate Lectin Defense in the morning and late afternoon before my meals and I am happy to report the chronic abdominal pains, bloating and continuous bowel movements have tremendously improved. I have not experienced any side effects with the dietary supplements. I am not afraid to eat any longer. This was a great health investment. thank you !

    Reviewed on 7/4/11 by Mimi

    Side effect

    I took Ultimate Lectin Defense as recommended. I was extremely miserable for over a week. The instructions on the bottle said to take probiotics which I did but I obviously needed much greater dose to off set this product

    Reviewed on 7/4/11 by Fizzer

    What a Great Product!

    This Ultimate Lectin Defense sure is true to its claim! I took 2 before every meal and within 3 wks I had lost 5 pounds, a few inches and was getting back into some clothes I'd grown out of! That intrigued me as I had not been successful at losing weight by just eating healthy." I have digestive problems and sensitivities! Thank you for offering this amazing product to help us have a blessed quality of life!

    Reviewed on 6/30/11 by Sagebrush

    Ultimate Lectin Defense

    We were not able to use the product as it had a couple of ingredients in it that didn't agree with us so I had to return it. Since I don't have it here now, I am not able to say which those ingredients were. It sounded so good, but....\n\nI can't say Yes or No to recommending it to a friend as they might not have the same problem that we had.

    Reviewed on 6/21/11 by No nickname


    I tried your product and had immediate results.. I would recommend this to anybody

    Reviewed on 6/13/11 by Bill the printer

    i like this product

    I believe in the theory of this product and so I will be taking it always. I started taking several of Dr. Cutler's products at the same time so it is hard to know what is doing what. But again I believe in the theory and will keep taking Lectin Defense.

    Reviewed on 6/13/11 by prema

    Effects of Ultimate Lectin Defense

    With the Ultimate Lectin Defense I can enjoy some of my favorite foods without the unpleasant after effects. No more bloating, stomach upset, and other digestive discomforts for me. This product really works.

    Reviewed on 6/13/11 by VanLynn the health nut

    Eat out without having to worry!

    I am very cautious about eating out at Restaurants. When I take this product, I know I can enjoy my meal.

    Reviewed on 6/12/11 by Mary

    This is a helpful product

    I take two before a meal.\nI do not suffer from the stomach pains when I take the lectin.. \nThank you

    Reviewed on 6/11/11 by Ruth

    Worked for a while...

    Initially this product seemed to work, but by the time I had started the second bottle my symptoms returned. I have decided to discontinue use of the product especially considering what I have learned about one of the ingredients

    Reviewed on 6/8/11 by glutenfree34

    This stuff appears to work!!

    I. I started taking this product before every meal and am astounded at the results after a few weeks of use. L

    Reviewed on 6/8/11 by Jim L

    this product is awesome.

    My husband and I both take the Lectin Defense. It keeps my tummy settled - I've always had digestion problems, but with this product, I'm good.

    Reviewed on 6/2/11 by healthy seniors



    Reviewed on 5/31/11 by MULESKINNER

    Thank you!!! Ultimate Lectin Defense

    Thank you for giving me back my life. I was in fear on a daily basis before taking this product. I had to carry Imodium with mewherever I went.\n\nThank you again!!!\nMH

    Reviewed on 5/31/11 by Sam

    No noticeable effects

    Sorry, no results!! I have returned the unused portion of the product.

    Reviewed on 5/27/11 by Bumblebee

    I will continue to use this product

    I had stomach bloating and lots of burping. I was taking gas pills and tums \nWith almost every meal. Since I began using ultimate lectin defense I have\nOnly taken tums once. This has made a big change in my dyspepsia symptoms.

    Reviewed on 5/27/11 by Doug Avery

    Not the Ultimate

    I take it according to directions. I've been taking it awhile now and haven't had any differences in whether I took it or not.

    Reviewed on 5/25/11 by Cathie

    Awesome product!

    . . I also like that it has D-Mannose in it since that is good for urinary tract health.. I have healed my body through proper diet, organic foods and great products like this one! I would recommend this to anyone and I just ordered 4 more bottles!

    Reviewed on 5/22/11 by Becky the Researcher

    I'll use Lectin Defense Forever

    No one could figure out what was causing all my stomach, intestinal esophagus and colon problems and I had never heard of Lectins. I've stopped eating some foods and changed a lot of others. I love to cook and cook from scratch - no mixes etc.- so I knew it wasn't additives. This supplement has changed my life. This will be a LONG TIME use for me and my husband.

    Reviewed on 5/18/11 by Jo the cook

    The Jury's Still Out...

    . It appears that I have had less urgent bowel movements since starting to take it before each meal, although it is very difficult even for doctors to ascertain whether it produces results. LOnger term use would be needed before a real judgment can be made.

    Reviewed on 5/16/11 by Rupert the Cautious

    Lectin defense

    pretty disappointed

    Reviewed on 5/15/11 by cindy

    You won't know 'til you try it.

    For years I've suffered from a head 'fog' that appears in the a.m., usually before food, and doesn't disappear til late afternoon. Very mysterious and makes concentration and accomplishing anything very difficult. Sometimes I'm so miserable I just go to bed and try to sleep through it. I've had to use digestive enzymes for years, as I do have digestive problems. Taking Lectin Defense was a long shot, but after only half a bottle, I find the fog becoming less and less of a problem. Today is Mother's Day and I'm grabbing this 'get one free sale'. My main problem is remembering to take it before eating, but it seems to work as well in the middle of the meal or even immediately afterward. Becoming free of this debilitating fog is an answer to prayer!

    Reviewed on 5/7/11 by Janji

    Ultimate Lectin Defense Helps Joint Pain

    I started taking Ultimate Lectin Defense to see if it would help me with some of my digestive problems. It seemed to help, but I found an unexpected positive result in my joint pain. I take other supplements for joint pain, and a couple of my finger joints. After taking Ultimate Lectin Defense, I found that ALL of my joint pain disappeared, about a month after first taking this product.

    Reviewed on 5/6/11 by Donna

    Great Product!! Thank You!!!

    I've had extreme migraines and abdominal issues with wheat and corn for years. Within days of starting the LectinDefense with no side effects, even the frequent pain in my elbow (which I had no idea was related to diet) has now stopped. I think the only way to improve it would be if it removed the fat and calories from the food!! :) Thank you so much!!

    Reviewed on 5/4/11 by Dawn

    I only take 2 caps once a day

    I have noticed much less gas. I have no side effects. Less bathroom stops. This is very good as I was always uncomfortable when company was around or at work. I'd say this is working.

    Reviewed on 5/3/11 by Better Times

    Relief from pain

    When I take the lectin defense, my body feels like a weight has been lifted from it. My headaches subside and stomach feels better for about 3 to 4 hours. My body gets a break from the stress of the lectins. The first time I tried it I felt a difference within 10 minutes to half hour. It's an amazing supplement, and I take it 3 times a day. I know when I miss a dose.

    Reviewed on 5/1/11 by Healthy Living

    Ultimate Lectin Defense

    Taken as directed this product will give you great results. It addresses the problems of indigestion, irregular bowel maintenance, gas, I highly recommend this product.

    Reviewed on 4/30/11 by Freckles

    Best product out their.

    I have tried everything out their. And with no success for years. I am so releived now. And I\nhad immediate results. I would campaign for this\ncompany if given the chance.Because I got the problem because of my previous lifestyle. And I\nknow a million people would like to know what this\nproduct actually did for me.

    Reviewed on 4/30/11 by Lea

    The best digestive aid I have used.

    I take two capsules before each meal and enjoy very good results. I can eat just about any food without the digestive problems I was having before taking Ultimate Lectin Defense.

    Reviewed on 4/30/11 by Tom Golf

    my stomach feels better than ever

    I had tried 2 other True Health products for my acid reflux, indigestion, and burning in my stomach. This was definitely the best one of the 3. I found 2 at a time to be too much so take 3 a day (one with each meal). I now have a great appetite!

    Reviewed on 4/29/11 by Ralph

    Unique product!

    Easy digestion.

    Reviewed on 4/27/11 by Stroke Patient

    Ultimate Lectin Defense

    . I am taking 3 capsules 3 times a day (more than the recommended dosage)before meals and have found that this helped more, and my gas is reduced.

    Reviewed on 4/26/11 by Nancy

    not sure yet.

    Hi. My sense is that this is a good product. I am not new to holistic products and while researching about lectins I found that there is a person who sells this according to one's blood type. I am not sure but unless I hear from you and your opinion I may switch to that as it seems more individualistic. Please comment. Please. That would be important to me. I would like to stay with this product.

    Reviewed on 4/22/11 by Prema

    freedom from colon problems:

    . Since starting the Lectin Defense I have had no diarrhea, cramping or pain in my gut and feel fantastic., What a gift it is.\nBettsy

    Reviewed on 4/12/11 by Bettsy

    no problem

    I am at the present time using this product. Ithink it is too soon to ascertain any results.\. She is seeing her doctor today along with the pills and the information.Contact me in about three or four weeks for any results, if any. thanks for the interest. \ndon

    Reviewed on 3/29/11 by don

    almost there on formula!

    Type A's have low stomach acid....I do not think this formula is quite right for low" acid....had to cut dose in 1/2"

    Reviewed on 3/27/11 by Shari



    Reviewed on 3/27/11 by Be Well

    its helpfull to know this exist

    I believe it works,....But Im going to continue to take and feel it out...Its better than nothing and I believe it may be helping.

    Reviewed on 3/15/11 by debbie kraft

    So far I'm satisfied

    . I've been on this product for almost 2 months and have found that it has help me. Now that I feel better, I went back on it and not having any problems. Some of the changes since I've been on the supplement are: I don't have any bloating, less gas, not cold hands and feet like in the past which are some of the changes I've seen. Thank you.

    Reviewed on 3/11/11 by Re

    Help for Celiac Sprue patients atlast!

    Within a few days of taking Ultimate Lectin Defense ( 2 capsules, 3 times a day, before meals. Now I have the confidence to go anywhere for any length of time without gas complications!\ I'm so pleased with my results taking Ultimate Lectin Defense.\nI'm looking forward to more health improvements with continued use.

    Reviewed on 3/6/11 by Smiling again Judy

    State of the art product

    I have been looking for a product like this for a very long time. I suffered greatly from food containing gluten/lectins. I took the Ultimate Lectin Defense and noticed a great difference. I am so disappointed that I can't take your very amazing health giving product! But thank you anyway. Many people will benefit. K. Everett D.C.

    Reviewed on 3/2/11 by K. Everett

    Not for everyone

    After several weeks of use, my stools became extremely soft and I had to stop using it.

    Reviewed on 2/28/11 by LKH

    Haven't seen much improvement.......

    I take 2 tablets before a meal, yet I'm slightly disappointed - I have not noticed any improvements. It's only been 3 weeks so maybe I need to give it so more time?

    Reviewed on 2/24/11 by Netta

    No Difference So Far

    I've been taking this product before every meal for about a month now and have not noticed ANY difference in the way that I process food or in the basic problems I was experiencing: occasional bloating, occasional upset stomach, burning bum, etc. . I'll stick with it for the suggested 90 days and will edit my review if I see any changes but, as of Feb. 19, 2011, nothing so far.

    Reviewed on 2/18/11 by DBB


    I am 58 years old and have had stomach problems my entire life. It seemed every time I ate no matter what I ate I would have trouble with a lot of bloating and gas. I have tried a lot of different supplements for digestion and have to say since I have been using Ultimate Lectin Defence, my digestion has improved. The very best thing I can see is that I do not have all the uncomfortable gas after eating! I will recommend your product to anybody with stomach issues like I have had.\n Sue, from FL.

    Reviewed on 2/18/11 by Dollmaker

    Won't eat without it again!

    Take before eating any full meals; I have been gluten-free for 5 yrs but still had bloating. After using for 1 1/2 mos symptoms have almost completely resolved.

    Reviewed on 2/17/11 by AR RN


    Started taking one with each meal and I could feel a difference right away after years of taking enzymes and having them help but not make me comfortable..I am grateful!

    Reviewed on 2/17/11 by Diane

    So far so good

    I take this product before each meal and it looks like it is working. I don't hear much from my stomach theses days.

    Reviewed on 2/15/11 by Tricia

    Love this Product!!

    Take twice daily at breakfast and supper. Easy on my stomach with no side effects. Have lost 10 pounds without changing anything!!

    Reviewed on 2/15/11 by trickyvicky

    It Works!

    Lectin Defense starts working right away. I've been taking it for a few weeks and have not had any acid reflux at all.

    Reviewed on 2/13/11 by Natural Health Seeker

    A Possible Winner

    Reviewed on 1/30/11 by Mary Kay

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      Ultimate Lectin Defense™
      Frequently Asked Questions


      120 Capsules per bottle
      Click Here to View Product Label

      Q. How do I take Ultimate Lectin Defense™?

      Q. How long does it take Ultimate Lectin Defense™ to work?

      Q. Can I take Ultimate Lectin Defense™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      Q. Where is Ultimate Lectin Defense™ made?

      Q. Can I give Ultimate Lectin Defense™ to my child or pet?

      Q.How do I take Ultimate Lectin Defense™?

      A. The recommended dose of Ultimate Lectin Defense™ is two Capsules before each meal—or as directed by your health care practitioner.

      Q. How long does it take Ultimate Lectin Defense™ to work?

      A. Natural supplements work differently for different people. You might start to notice a difference from Ultimate Lectin Defense™ very quickly within a few days. Consistent use over time helps give you the optimum benefits. For best results from digestive products like Ultimate Lectin Defense™, always combine with proper nutrition. Individual results may vary.

      Q. Can I take Ultimate Lectin Defense™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      A. If you have a medical condition or are on medication, it's best to consult with your healthcare professional before taking Ultimate Lectin Defense™ or any other dietary supplement.

      Q. Where is Ultimate Lectin Defense™ made?

      A. Ultimate Lectin Defense™ is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Our manufacturing is performed in fully licensed and GMP registered facilities to assure compliance with the latest industry guidelines, government regulations and quality assurance practices.

      Q. Can I give Ultimate Lectin Defense™ to my child or pet?

      A. Before giving Ultimate Lectin Defense™ to your child, please consult with your healthcare professional. Also, check with your vet before giving supplements to your pet.