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Ultimate pH Balance

Item # TUPHL

Quick Overview

Alkalize your water for a safe, tasteless way to restore pH balance to your body
lifetime guarantee made in the usa
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Drops
Servings Per Container: 344
 Amount Per
% Daily
Proprietary Mineral Blend10 mg*
Potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, potassium hydroxide, tripotassium phosphate, potassium lactate, magnesium amino acid chelate, calcium amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate and earth mineral blend.†
* Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients:Deionized water.

Suggested Use:One serving is four drops in eight ounces of water. It is suggested that you drink eight servings daily (eight glasses with four drops per glass).

Caution:This is a concentrated solution. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and broken skin. If contact occurs, flush generously with cool water. Do not use more than eight drops per eight ounces of water unless directed by a healthcare professional.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.

† Naturally contains varying amounts of up to 72 trace elements.


Ultimate pH Balance™

Key ingredients include: calcium, magnesium, iodine, copper, chromium and trace minerals.

Help Balance Your pH Naturally And Enjoy Vibrant Living!*

Poor pH Balance Can Ruin Your Health...

According to the Journal of Longevity, many health problems are caused by overacidity or a lack of pH balance in the body. Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die agrees, saying "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is they all come from the same root cause... too much tissue acid waste in the body."

That's why it's essential to balance your pH consistently. However, if you have too low of a pH level, you may experience some health issues.

At 90 years young, I appreciate the help!

Ruth F. Photo

"I really appreciate what Ultimate pH Balance™ has done for me being 90 years young. Even though I don't drink as much water as I should, the drops of Ultimate pH Balance™ are helping my stomach feel so much better. I'll keep using the four drops in every glass of water I drink the rest of my life."

-Ruth F., New Mexico

Alkalinize your Water for a Healthy pH*...

Ultimate pH Balance™ can help you alkalinize your water for a healthy pH and help keep your body in balance. You can use this safe, natural supplement in every glass of water you consume daily. This alkaline water will put you on the road to optimum health.

In laboratory testing, researchers placed 4 to 8 drops of Ultimate pH Balance™ in a glass of drinking water. Within minutes, the pH of the water jumped from 7.38 to 9.3-a 26% increase in the alkaline state. That's a remarkable increase!

Five facts you need to know about acidity:

  • Fact #1-Most Americans are at significant risk for overacidity due to poor diet.
  • Fact #2-Acid can build up in your body quickly and without you realizing it.
  • Fact #3-Your body can't handle over acidity over the long haul.
  • Fact #4-In order to stay healthy, you need to restore the balance between acid and alkaline levels in your cells, and tissues.
  • Fact #5-Natural alkaline solutions like Ultimate pH Balance™ can help alkalinize the pH of your drinking water for optimal balance.

With Ultimate pH Balance™, you get high-quality forms of minerals, to help increase the alkalinity of your drinking water.

According to lab testing, Ultimate pH Balance™ can increase the alkalinity of bottled water by an impressive 26%.

Balance the pH of your Drinking Water for Optimum Benefit!*

Ultimate pH Balance™ can help alkalinize the -pH of your drinking water with up to 72 trace minerals in every single serving, including:








Trace minerals are vital for good health and optimum nutritional balance.

New Acid Overload Test Takes 15 Seconds

You can use these pH test strips quickly and easily at home.

Ultimate pH Balance™ works quickly to help alkalize your drinking water for optimum benefit. Consistent use over time is important. For optimal results, combine with proper nutrition and a good diet. Individual results may vary.

Precautions: Ultimate pH Balance™ from True Health™ is a natural nutritional supplement. Questions about combining medications with nutritional supplements can be addressed with either your health care professional or pharmacist. Medications should never be adjusted without proper medical advice.

Customer Reviews
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    Awesome hydrator!!!

    I have been recommending this product for a few years with awesome results. The best thing about this product is that you feel the difference!! and the best part is that it is tasteless so compliance is very high.

    Reviewed on 6/22/13 by Sahar the therapist

    Great product!

    I have been using this product for several years and I am very pleased.

    Reviewed on 6/8/13 by Seagal

    Great for my distilled water

    I use this with my daily quota of distilled water that I drink.

    Reviewed on 6/6/13 by BG

    Ultimate PH Balance

    I'm in assisted Living. I take my bottle to all meals, and use it in all liquids. I wouldn't be without it.

    Reviewed on 4/15/13 by Betty, a Christian

    very convenient

    I keep it right on the table-- available to use at all times.

    Reviewed on 3/23/13 by Jeff

    Excellent supplment!

    This supplement is the best you can buyPlease don't ever stop selling this product. Keeping the body in the alkaline state means your body is very healthy.

    Reviewed on 3/22/13 by Sugar

    Excellent product

    I use 8-10 drops in a quart of my well water. the only con is it is kind of pricey, but it works great.

    Reviewed on 3/13/13 by TD

    Works Wonderfully

    Tried MANY things over the years but this is the first and only one that works....every day. I check my ph each morning and have not been disappointed by this product!

    Reviewed on 2/23/13 by BB

    The best of the best!

    This product is wonderful. The secret to great health is keeping your body alkaline. This is one of the easiest ways to do so. We are happy & very healthy without any side effects. My kids are taking this too! Highly recommend this product.

    Reviewed on 2/23/13 by Sugar

    Amazingly Fast Acting Product

    My decision to buy PH Balance was just as the name implied. I have since distributed it among 4 other friends and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Reviewed on 2/20/13 by TeePee

    This has been a game changer!!!

    It stays on the dining table. We use it at every meal. I have bought some for my Dad and he said it is helping him. I have recommended it to all my relatives and friends. My 25 yer old son take it also. Thank you very much for this amazing product.

    Reviewed on 2/20/13 by Frankz71

    I won't be without this product!

    I have tried every diet and product to maintain my pH balance and all failed until I tried Ultimate pH Balance. 4 drops in every glass of water or juice and I maintain wonderful pH balance.

    Reviewed on 1/17/13 by BB

    Repeat happy customer

    Four drops in a glass of water.... nothing could be easier! Water keeps you hydrated and the benefits are long term. We are long time happy users.

    Reviewed on 1/13/13 by Judy in L.A.

    useful and effective

    Just great

    Reviewed on 12/2/12 by rakesh

    Regain Health

    Changing body fluid to alkaline and regaining health.

    Reviewed on 11/22/12 by Clyde

    I would buy this again.

    I use this product daily.So far I would highly recommend using this. I put it in all the things I drink

    Reviewed on 10/16/12 by Nancy the traveller

    Easy and tastey

    I use this in my water all day long. I also use it in my pets water and they love it.

    Reviewed on 10/8/12 by Health nut

    Exceptional product

    This is an excellent product that does the job and then some. I can tell you that i sure feel the difference if I don't take it. Everything works better when taking this. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better.

    Reviewed on 9/25/12 by Foxterrier Lady

    Ultimate PH Balance

    This product is easy to take. I drink hot tea and add four dropsI don't drink enough water which is ideally the way it should be taken. It does produce positive results.

    Reviewed on 8/18/12 by leroycp

    get what you are after.

    I'm so glad I found this product. Hopefully, I can use this for the rest of my life.

    Reviewed on 8/7/12 by Dr. Liz

    I would recomment this product

    I use this product daily in my water that I drink and also in other liquids.

    Reviewed on 8/7/12 by Shirl

    Ultimate pH Balance

    Easy way to help alkalize water.

    Reviewed on 8/5/12 by brownie

    I will buy this program again.

    I've been using this product for about 2 months regularly, and have yet to see any clear changes on the paper strips for testing pH. I will keep using it, especially since I use home distilled water to remove flouride and chlorine (among other things). I'm still hoping for a positive change for my system from very acid to alkaline.

    Reviewed on 7/16/12 by Millie

    Ultimate PH Balance

    This product encouraging you to drink the water. Helps bring body back to Alkaline state. inexpensive, great product

    Reviewed on 7/13/12 by Body health

    Awesome product

    I follow directions by using a few drops in my water. Wonderful stuff!

    Reviewed on 7/7/12 by KT

    one bottle last a long time.

    I have a 32oz water bottle and put 16 drops from the 2oz bottle in daily. I have been using for three weeks and half of the bottle is gone. I enjoy the water so much that I have two 32oz bottles a day sometimes.

    Reviewed on 7/4/12 by Douglastn4

    Value for money Great product

    Ph & mineralise your water all in one! Great& easy.

    Reviewed on 7/2/12 by elliott

    Fabulous, Easy to Use

    Buy 6 at a time and keep them everywhere!! watch your PH change for the good....better for your health....really, seriously!

    Reviewed on 6/14/12 by DebraHigh

    I continue to use this product

    Just follow the directions and the results are noticeable.

    Reviewed on 6/2/12 by cdrobe

    Product very good for general health

    small bottle that is easy to carry around and take

    Reviewed on 5/29/12 by Buggie

    it works

    I feel better taking it because I wasnt eating right and I know my body was acidic so now I take it thank you I am eating better and feeling alot better

    Reviewed on 5/28/12 by no nickname

    Energy Galore, trying is believing

    Initially my body had to adjust to this product but it is amazing. After 30 days I am truly more energetic. Yeah for Ultimate Ph Balance!!!!

    Reviewed on 5/20/12 by Monica

    Works fine

    so far so good!

    Reviewed on 5/17/12 by Fancy Nancy

    Light at the end of my tunnel

    Using the product thrice daily. So far so good. Already tummy feels much better.

    Reviewed on 4/28/12 by Al the perfectionist.

    PH Balance

    I have been using this product for several years but only recently began putting it in my filtered water all the time. This made all the difference in this world.

    Reviewed on 4/25/12 by Lou

    Powerful stuff, little bottle.

    I've been on this for several months and my energy level has soared. I am well into my senior years and would recommend this to everyone. I bought a bottle for my daughter and she also has noticed a difference in her energy. TRY it!!! Nothing to lose but couch potato thighs.

    Reviewed on 4/17/12 by Patty

    Not my cup of tea

    It didn't help and it constipated me!!!, but that doesn't mean that other people will have the same reaction as i had. Too bad, I had to stop it. I know how important it is for the body to be alkalized, but the product didn't help though otherwise the true health products are good.

    Reviewed on 4/17/12 by Sophie

    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    Its easy to take. You cannot even taste it.

    Reviewed on 4/13/12 by Donnie the user.

    This product seems to gave energy .

    Feeling better, and more energetic...

    Reviewed on 4/10/12 by Emy

    I would buy this product again

    very good and easy on my stomach

    Reviewed on 3/22/12 by Pete

    Thank you to your staff for their excellent product

    daily use - excellent guideline about use and effects

    Reviewed on 2/2/12 by Liseta

    A Basic Health Essential

    I start every day with a glass of water and a few drops of Ultimate PH Balance. The proper balance of my body's PH is so basic to good health, regardless of any other supplements I take. I have and do recommend it to everyone.

    Reviewed on 2/1/12 by Copper

    maintains my PH at 7

    Liquid health

    Reviewed on 1/30/12 by Maureen

    I use it in coffee as well as water.

    4 drops in water; 5 drops in a cup of coffee.

    Reviewed on 1/30/12 by Rick

    Ultimate ph great

    Loved the product so much, have given bottles to other family members to try. I am sure you will have more orders from us in the future

    Reviewed on 1/19/12 by Broni

    I like this product

    I do believe I feel better when I drink the water that has the ph in it. The way I ate I certainly had to much acid in my body. I am trying to eat more foods that is more alkaline.thank you for this product

    Reviewed on 1/16/12 by no nickname

    Continuing Improvements!

    You just can't get all this in the food we eat, and I trust the company making these products to really care about what they put in them!

    Reviewed on 1/12/12 by JanKay

    works great to lower the pH of our water

    I put 3 to 4 drops per cup in water we drink as per directions.

    Reviewed on 1/2/12 by CEsings

    More energy for everything

    I use this product every day. If I miss an afternoon because of something that takes me away from drinking. I feel a difference. Love it.

    Reviewed on 12/20/11 by Bowee

    Small drops - great results!!

    . I put 1 drop in each 2 oz. of water I drink every time. Works great!!

    Reviewed on 12/18/11 by Liz

    Perfect acid reducer

    I wouldn't be without it. All filtered water I drink gets the drops in it. I hope to never be without it.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by Bonnie

    I would buy this product again and again

    I use this product on a daily basis at least three times per day, sometimes four. It has made all the difference in the world. I could tell the difference the very first time I took this brand. I have taken other brands of ph balance but never have I experienced an immediate reaction as I did with this one.. I would recommend Ultimate PH Balance.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by MelodyMaker

    I would buy this product again and again

    I use this product on a daily basis at least three times per day, sometimes four. It has made all the difference in the world. I could tell the difference the very first time I took this brand. I have taken other brands of ph balance but never have I experienced an immediate reaction as I did with this one.. I would recommend Ultimate PH Balance.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by MelodyMaker

    the only thing that works

    . I put ten drops in every bottle of water I drink. It also makes me drink more water.

    Reviewed on 11/28/11 by friend2k9z

    No more sugar cravings

    My husband and I use this in every bottle of water we drink and we do drink a lot of water.

    Reviewed on 11/21/11 by countrycharm

    ultimate pH balance

    Does the job easily, simply & quickly.

    Reviewed on 10/30/11 by Yvette

    I keep a bottle handy all the time

    I keep a bottle of Ultimate pH Balance by my fridge so that every time I get a glass of water, I add a few drops. I think it has really helped keep my body in balance. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Reviewed on 10/17/11 by DebiiLee

    Help for an acidic system

    I started taking Ultimate pH Balance about 2 or 3 months ago. I take it in purified water, the only water I drink.

    Reviewed on 10/8/11 by Bonnie


    I've used this product every day for about six weeks now... This product is helpful and I am anxious to see further results with extended use.

    Reviewed on 10/5/11 by Pauly

    Great Product!

    I love this product. This product is packed with minerals that are essential for good health. I will recommend this product to everyone!

    Reviewed on 9/25/11 by Angel

    have seen/felt no difference after a mon

    don't see/feel it does anything

    Reviewed on 9/22/11 by bunny

    I wasn't sure the product would work

    The product is easy enough to use and take in my handbag so I can add it to the water I am drinking. I have had an improvement to my energy levels.

    Reviewed on 9/22/11 by Plump

    PH Drops

    Very Good Product!!!

    Reviewed on 9/19/11 by Dave

    Ultimate pH Balance

    I use the pH Balance drops in the liquid items I drink or soups etc. It really brings my pH balance up where it should be. I highly recommend this product, if your pH balance is too low. It works!

    Reviewed on 9/4/11 by Vicky

    Ultimate pH Balance

    This product really brings my pH balance up quickly. It works very well.

    Reviewed on 8/28/11 by Vicky

    Awesome product!

    I was very tired and ached constantly prior to taking this product. The trace minerals, in liquid form, are more effective. This is great. I have recommended to my family and friends. I have placed a second order for myself. Thanks True Health!

    Reviewed on 8/25/11 by Angel


    make the water taste awesome

    Reviewed on 8/24/11 by damguy

    True Believer!

    I am a true believer in balancing my pH. I have been using other methods to balance my pH and Ultimate pH works perfectly. THANK YOU!

    Reviewed on 8/9/11 by Gayleen (my real name)


    Excellent product. It works but you have to be consistent.

    Reviewed on 8/7/11 by mandy

    Product Works

    I purchased Ultimate PH Balance after reading the benefits, because I already knew my PH level was in the danger zone After about a week of using the product in my drinking water each day, I tested the PH and it was back to 7.2 and as I have continued using it, my PH balance has remained alkalined, between 7.2 and 7.6. I will definitely purchase this product again.

    Reviewed on 8/6/11 by Carla

    This Product Has Changed My LIfe~

    Thank you True Health!

    Reviewed on 8/3/11 by Nana

    So little and yet such a punch

    I keep the pH balance handy dropper bottle by my water cooler. It is so easy to just add 4 drops to each glass of water.

    Reviewed on 8/3/11 by quauzzie

    Perfect Alkalinity for LIFE!

    It's wonderful! Easy to use. Helps me to stay on track for the amount of water I should drink. Thanks!

    Reviewed on 7/31/11 by Gabby


    Test strips prove that this product worksIn the hope these results continue I am reordering PH Balance today.

    Reviewed on 7/25/11 by Mooleeadie

    Excellent! Great for take along!

    This product tested out just as advertised. It makes drinking water and other liquids alkaline.

    Reviewed on 7/25/11 by Puffer

    waiting patiently

    although I have only been taking the PH balance product for a couple of weeks, I have not noticed any difference in my PH level. I have enough for 4 months, and will continue to take the product and hopefully get the desired result.

    Reviewed on 7/23/11 by L.K.

    It is a Great Product

    I think it is a great product, and seemed to have gotten positive results quickly. I put 4 to 8 drops in a glass of water several times a day. It has given me more energy throughout the day & I have recommended it to many people[...]

    Reviewed on 7/16/11 by Marghy

    would buy this again if the price is ri

    feels better each time..

    Reviewed on 7/13/11 by missy

    would not purchase

    I did not feel any difference at all so sent the product back.

    Reviewed on 7/10/11 by shorty

    This product works for me

    I have been taking this product at 1/8 of the recommended dosage and the results have been as advertised.

    Reviewed on 6/26/11 by K7DFA

    I would buy this product again and again

    I make sure I have this. My PH would be alkaline instead of balanced without it.

    Reviewed on 6/25/11 by Betty

    We love the Ultimate pH Balance!

    My Husband and I have been taking Ultimate pH Balance for about 1 1/2 months, and we have seen great results with our energy levels. I use 4 - 8 drops in a glass of water, and it has no after taste. We are 64 years old, and I am sure we will notice other positive results the longer we take it. I have been recommending it to all my friends![...]Thank you....We love the product!

    Reviewed on 6/16/11 by Marghy

    "I feel good! I knew that I would now!"

    Since I've been taking this product I feel good about taking care of my body. I put 8 drops in a 16oz water bottle 4 times a day. Because of this, I have been drinking alot of water and feel good about myself. I no longer crave soft drinks. Water fills me up and I know I'm taking good care of my health. Thanks for opening new doors for me. I would absolutely recommend this to a family member or friend.

    Reviewed on 6/14/11 by Gabby

    Ultimate pH Balance

    This is the first product that I've used that actually hydrates the body. Not only is it easy to actually makes the water taste better! Great product.

    Reviewed on 6/8/11 by AM

    Can't do without it

    I've been using this product for years, and I'm planning to keep on taking it. Can't do without it!

    Reviewed on 5/15/11 by Zeppy

    I can't do without this product

    I drink a glass with drops first thing in morning and throughout the is TERRIFIC!!!

    Reviewed on 5/4/11 by Kel

    Great Product to alkalyze your body

    I am able to drink water without getting indigestion. I will not drink water that is acrid. My water in my house and the bottled water I buy gives me indigestion. I have been using the Ultimate PH Balance for years.

    Reviewed on 5/3/11 by clownwannab

    Unsure as to the products benefits

    Have used the product the recommended 8 times a day but have not noticed any definite changes

    Reviewed on 5/2/11 by Tall Jack

    Good product

    I think it is a pretty good product. It does change the ph of the water, and seems to be helping my ph.

    Reviewed on 5/1/11 by PK



    Reviewed on 4/28/11 by BUCK

    it is not what i had hoped for

    i have not seen anything to improve my health

    Reviewed on 4/26/11 by sanford

    My mystery has been solved!

    I start my day with it and my "morning" is back. It's simple to use. I find 4 drops 2 times a day is enough. Thank you so much.

    Reviewed on 4/20/11 by Guido

    I would never stop taking this product

    I take it every time I drink water 6-8 cups daily, I'm planning to take it the rest of my life (now I'm 65 y/o). I'm very pleased with this product and other products I use daily. Thank you for such great products.

    Reviewed on 4/6/11 by Bessie (2bpocitv)

    Good Product

    A very good product and I have started several of my friends on it. I drink a lot of water so this product you just add a few drops to each glass and you never know it.

    Reviewed on 4/5/11 by Maxman

    energy and alertness, finaly..

    this Ph balance is the best I have tried, I have tried drops that had a after taste and showed no results and I have bot alkaline filters, water taste great but did not feel results. This products makes my water taste great and I feel more energy and more alertness from it.

    Reviewed on 3/30/11 by truth seeker

    Ultimate pH Balance

    Liked it very much

    Reviewed on 3/29/11 by Charlotte

    Can feel no change

    I'm taking the ph balancer every day in water and haven't noticed anything different..

    Reviewed on 3/27/11 by R

    This stuff really works

    This product works whereas others I tried didn't. I'll keep using this and recommending it to others.

    Reviewed on 3/25/11 by Sue

    Ultimate ph Balance

    Excellent for keeping your body alkaline and healthy

    Reviewed on 3/20/11 by Boro

    "Believing is a Vitue"

    This is the 1st time I've used this product and I must say, I do feel a little better. I hope with continual use I'll get maximum results.

    Reviewed on 3/16/11 by Dellyworks

    A recommended product

    My husband and I both use this product and have found excellent results from it. We both have more energy and feel better overall. Would highly recomment it.

    Reviewed on 3/12/11 by Nanny Mac

    I put it in the whole family's drink bottles for the day. It's that easy, I leave it by the sink. Anything extra I can do to improve our health is a bonus for us and for growing bodies. My children will thank me one day for looking after their health and enforcing good nutrition and good habits.

    Reviewed on 3/9/11 by Lisa

    a good "gut" feeling!

    I use it in the bottled water I buy and it tastes so much better! Makes a great pot of coffee! I even put it in the water for my outdoor cat, and he rejects the tap water, and goes right after this! Keeps his water bowl clean, too! Water tastes great, and love the healthy bonus it gives the body! My 90 year old Mom uses it, too!

    Reviewed on 3/8/11 by Jean

    Doing the job!

    I have always had an acidic body and work hard to try to get balance. This product is helping me to increase my alkalinity. I'm already on my way to a good pH balance!

    Reviewed on 3/7/11 by Bobbi

    Very Helpful.

    I really find this product of great benefit to me.

    Reviewed on 3/2/11 by Arpy

    Stay in Balance

    I use this product on a daily basis. A few drops in my glass(es) of water each day has really helped to keep my body in pH balance. I keep it by the fridge so I don't forget to use it.

    Reviewed on 3/1/11 by DebiiLee

    I just ordered three bottles.

    Just put a few drops in my water bottles and I am good to go. I feel it is helping.

    Reviewed on 2/19/11 by trendygal

    Ph balancer a great product

    It is a great product and a great answer to a health concern

    Reviewed on 2/1/11 by glenn

    Conscience rests easier!!

    I add this to the individual glasses of water consumed throughout the day and have yet to see any significant changes in my health status. It should be noted that I live in the rural midwest and the water supply/source is from a private well and NOT municipally treated water.

    Reviewed on 1/31/11 by Healthy 1

    I am now PH balanced

    I use this product daily. I love this product.

    Reviewed on 1/29/11 by slow mom

    Smooth Body Mechanics

    For years, I have consumed 64 oz. of water daily. Now that I add the recommended number of drops of Ultimate ph Balance to each glass of water, I have noticed that my system runs smoother.

    Reviewed on 1/23/11 by Mary the Leopard

    I would buy this over and over again.

    Before I first started on the ph, my ph levels were slightly acidic and once I started on the product, my levels have gotten better and I'll keep using it.

    Reviewed on 1/23/11 by Doctor Mouse

    Good product

    Finding ways to modify my diet to a more alkaline one has been difficult. I use the pH drops in everything I drink including coffee, tea & water. It really helps with the acid. I gave bottles to friends and they are amazed with the results. The only problem I have is that it is too expensive for me to continue with.

    Reviewed on 1/20/11 by Susan

    Good product

    Finding ways to modify my diet to a more alkaline one has been difficult. I use the pH drops in everything I drink including coffee, tea & water. It really helps with the acid. I gave bottles to friends and they are amazed with the results. The only problem I have is that it is too expensive for me to continue with.

    Reviewed on 1/20/11 by Susan

    This is Great


    Reviewed on 12/6/10 by CMASON

    hopeful beginning

    It's early days yet. It seems to be helpful but I am waiting longer before I rave about it. Some things start out all right and then develop side effects or something. so far I am very hopeful.

    Reviewed on 11/22/10 by Morn

    I would buy this product again

    Add drops to water as directed

    Reviewed on 11/19/10 by Skip

    Utimate pH Balance

    No positive results.

    Reviewed on 11/19/10 by Ant



    Reviewed on 11/18/10 by NOTEK

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      Ultimate PH Balance™
      Frequently Asked Questions

      2.0 Fl oz. per bottle
      Click Here to View Product Label

      Q. How do I take Ultimate pH Balance™?

      Q. How long will it take Ultimate pH Balance™ to work?

      Q. Can I take Ultimate pH Balance™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      Q. Where is Ultimate pH Balance™ made?

      Q. Can I give Ultimate pH Balance™ to my child or pet?

      Q. How do I take Ultimate pH Balance™?

      A. One serving is 4 drops in 8 oz. of water. It is suggested you drink 8 servings per day (8 glasses of water with four drops per glass). Or you can take Ultimate pH Balance™ as directed by your health care professional.

      Q. How long will it take Ultimate pH Balance™ to work?

      A. Ultimate pH Balance™ works quickly to help alkalize your drinking water. You could easily start to notice positive changes in as little as 14 days. However, you'll likely achieve your most significant changes over time. Consistent use over time is important. For optimal results, combine with proper nutrition and exercise. Individual results may vary.

      Q. Can I take Ultimate pH Balance™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      A. If you have a medical condition or are on medication, it's best to consult with your healthcare professional before taking Ultimate pH Balance™ or any other dietary supplement. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.

      Q. Where is Ultimate pH Balance™ made?

      A.Ultimate pH Balance™ is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Our manufacturing is performed in fully licensed and GMP registered facilities to assure compliance with the latest industry guidelines, government regulations and quality assurance practices.

      Q. Can I give Ultimate pH Balance™ to my child or pet?

      A. Before giving Ultimate pH Balance™ to your child, please consult with your healthcare professional. Also, check with your vet before giving supplements to your pet.