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"In medical school, I learned that the liver is vital for detoxifying prescription drugs. But I was never taught how dangerous a clogged, toxic liver can be to your health. Now I know better. After over 20 years of research and treating patients the natural way, I've discovered that cleansing and detoxifying the liver leads to super health.Once I began to help my patients cleanse their livers…

Their energy soared… skin cleared up…
joints improved… and headaches eased.

And I've experienced the same type of results in my own life. Many people have asked me how I did it, so I'm making the most powerful liver cleansing secret available to you: A 24-cent, natural liver saver. It's simple, easy and it can help rejuvenate your liver so you feel alive again—in no time flat! How?

Because of an important secret known to natural doctors like me: "To restore great health, you must always address the liver." Why? Because your liver is one of the most important, yet overlooked, organs in your body. How important?

Imagine the quality of air you'd be breathing if you neglected to change your home air conditioning filters for five, ten or even 15 years. There's a good chance you'd be breathing excess dust…mold spores…and other toxins the exhausted filters just couldn't catch. And think of the respiratory problems you'd likely develop as your lungs struggled to handle all the polluted air.

Well, just like you need to keep those air filters clean to protect your indoor air quality, your body has an important filter that needs cleansing as well: your liver. And if you cleanse your liver… nourish your liver…love your liver…

…you'll create your own health wonders!

That's because a strong, healthy liver…

How to tell if your liver overworked and overburdened?

It likely is, if you're suffering from…
  • Fatigue
  • Food sensitivities
  • Digestive problems
  • Bad breath
  • Bloating
  • Memory problems
  • Rashes, acne or itchy skin
  • Mood swings
  • Circles under your eyes
  • Coated film on your tongue
  • Occasional headaches
  • Frequent urination
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Redness on feet or hands
  • Weight gain
  • Excess gas
  • Occasional constipation

But first, the problem is, most people think their livers are just fine and dandy—so they don't do a thing about a sluggish, overworked liver. Why? Because… (continued below)

Meet Michael Cutler, M.D., Champion of "Nature's Pharmacy"
Board-certified family physician with over 20 years treating thousands of patients with natural solutions
Meet Michael Cutler, M.D.
  • One of America's leading pioneers in natural medicine
  • Medical doctor dedicated to treating the whole person
  • Founder and Director of the Total Health Institute Medical Clinic
  • Formulator of Liver & Kidney Cleanse™™ and dozens of other nutritional supplements designed to help restore optimal health
  • Medical expert trusted by more than 250,000 people who want the truth about natural healing

Typical liver tests are not reliable!

Most people have been told their livers are fine, and maybe you've been told the same thing, but you're not getting the whole story. The reality is…

1 Typical liver blood tests are not very sensitive—they check for liver damage rather than if your liver is overworked and clogged.

2 Some liver tests will read "normal" until your liver is 90% dysfunctional! For example, bilirubin—the brownish, yellow substance found in bile—will not rise until there are significant liver problems.

3 Most people with clogged livers are not acutely ill and do not have obvious symptoms.
So why should you worry about your liver?

Because it's under attack every day!

Your liver is constantly under assault by…
Over time, these substances clog the ducts leading to and from your liver—making it hard for your
liver to metabolize and detoxify all the toxins it sucks in each day.

The result? Instead of eliminating these toxins, your liver starts storing them in forms that can linger in your body for years. And when your liver and other organs harbor dangerous toxins, your whole body can get overwhelmed!
Is it any wonder that many patients I've treated for sluggish livers suffered from fatigue… lapses in concentration… bloating… digestive troubles… minor aches and pains… occasional headaches… skin irritations and rashes… and poor metabolism?
And is it any wonder that HALF of Americans over age 50 have sluggish, overworked livers and may not even know it? The fact is…

You likely need a liver cleanse if you…

You might be like many people who hear the words, "liver cleanse" and think that will mean hard work…a lot of discomfort…and high costs. Not so! You're about to discover an amazingly safe, gentle and affordable way to cleanse and restore your liver to optimal health—and FAST!

It's possible with a one-of-a-kind natural formula—a 24-cent liver-saver—that's my No.1 recommendation for a healthy liver, True Health's Liver & Kidney Cleanse™. (Yes, it's also great for cleansing your kidney, as I'll explain in a bit.)
Since Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ was first introduced, it's been a smashing success.

Why such great results? And why will Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ help you rejuvenate your liver, your kidneys and your health better than any other supplement?

Because Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is…

Superior to natural "detoxes" and colon cleanses

Americans spend over $100 million a year on natural detoxes and colon cleanses trying to get toxic "gunk" out of their bodies. Maybe you've tried some natural detox programs or supplements—from special "detox diets" to "colon cleansing breakthroughs," but if you're like most people, you've been disappointed with the results.

Why? For one, a majority of these products target your intestinal tract only, irritating it in order to release toxins.
But most important: These natural detoxes and colon cleanses will be worthless to you unless you first cleanse your liver.

Your liver is your body's most important organ for removing toxins and waste products from your cells that come from modern-day foods, environmental chemicals, stress and your own metabolic wastes.

But if your liver isn't totally efficient in clearing toxins from your bloodstream in the first place, thus allowing toxic build-up, then little is accomplished by focusing solely on your intestinal tract. The great news? This formula supercharges your liver…
So you can banish harmful toxins!

Want to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals from your body? Want to protect your whole body from metabolic wastes and environmental pollutants? If so, I urge you to cleanse and boost your liver with Liver & Kidney Cleanse™.

Cleansing is a natural tool that helps your liver—and your whole body—get back to its normal, healthy state.
When your liver's detoxifying power is working as it should, you'll release waste material that has accumulated in your body over the years: Unneeded molecules from chemical food additives, cosmetics, pollutants, prescription and OTC medications and toxins.
"A healthy liver protects you from the onslaught of THOUSANDS of toxins and chemicals entering your body every day."

What's more, a healthy liver protects you from the onslaught of THOUSANDS of toxins and chemicals entering your body every day. And the only way to expel these toxins is from the inside out—with a healthy liver. Your liver is the "guard at the gate"—checking anything that can harm your body. In this role, it detoxifies fat-soluble molecules and changes them into forms that can easily be eliminated from your body.

But, as I've mentioned, if your liver cannot fully detoxify these harmful toxins, they may be stored in your brain, nerves, deep skin structure and other organs—for years! Strengthening your liver with Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ will ignite its detoxifying power and leave you feeling cleaner, more refreshed and rejuvenated!

Superior detox and money-saving, too!

Need some proof? Here's what some very thankful people say…

Efficient elimination of waste products!
"I have been using Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for about 2-3 months and am very pleased with it. I have noticed that I do not get headaches anymore, and I seem to have more energy because of the efficient elimination of waste products from my body."
Eugene P., Richmond, VA

Free of toxins!
"I've been taking your Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for some time now, about eight months, and it keeps my body healthy and free of toxins and impurities."
Steven N., Easton, MD

Superior detox (and less expensive, too)!
"I find this to be an amazing product that really works. I have used other pricey, similar products, but this product is less expensive and far superior. It really makes a difference and really detoxifies. I am glad to have found out about it."
Andrea W., Los Angeles, CA

No wonder Elson Haas, MD, and author of The Detox Diet says, "The detoxification process is the missing link in Western nutrition and a key to the health and vitality of our civilization." And nothing I've found comes close to the detoxifying power of this unique 24-cent liver saver. Plus, it powers up your liver's fat metabolizing…

To send your energy skyrocketing!

Besides your liver being the body's main detoxifying organ, it is also a major fat metabolizing organ. Your liver is a workhorse that breaks down fats by producing bile. Bile "digests" fats like dishwashing liquid breaks down grease.

More important, your liver metabolizes these fats—as well as proteins and carbohydrates—and turns them into fuel to energize your body.

In fact, your liver cells contain high concentrations of mitochondria—the energy producing parts of any cell. So a healthy liver means efficient fat/carb/protein burning—and increased energy. The problem is, if your liver doesn't metabolize fats very well…it ends up re-absorbing them—leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

But by taking Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ every day, you can help your liver metabolize fats, carbs and proteins like a champ—and send your energy levels though the roof!

I'm also excited to tell you that this unique formula improves digestion of your foods and delivery of nutrients to your liver…

To ease your digestive concerns!

A healthy liver is vital if you want smooth digestion and if you want to combat bloating, occasional indigestion, irregularity and other digestion concerns. Why? Because virtually every nutrient from foods (and supplements) must be metabolized by your liver into its proper form to be stored, transported and used by your body. For example…

1 Your liver aids in the breaking down and absorbing of fats.

2 Your liver helps you get the most out of your nutrients. When you eat, these nutrients move through your stomach, small intestine and intestinal walls…to your liver for processing.

3 Your liver receives and stores glucose, provided mostly from the carbohydrate-rich foods.

Yet if your liver is stressed out by too many fatty or sugary foods…prescription medications… chemical food additives… environmental pollutants…or harmful toxins, your digestive system will be out of whack and leave you with bloating, indigestion and irregularity.

The good news? Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ works wonderfully to cleanse and boost your liver so your digestive system works as smooth as silk. Years of digestion concerns? Not anymore!

"Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ can help you enjoy
a healthy liver and better digestion."

Stomach concerns gone!
"I have taken Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for three months now, and I have no more stomach concerns. I am regular now every day."
Paul A., Cambridge, OH

Working great for digestion!
"My digestive system started working at top speed eliminating toxins."
Judith W., La Crescenta, CA

Comfort at last!
"After having occasional indigestion and digestive problems for years, I decided to try your Liver and Kidney Cleanse. It helps my digestion and gives me an energy boost, and now I feel much better."
Elwanda O., Lewisburg, TN

In addition, this powerful formula turns your liver into a powerhouse and…

Does wonders for your heart, joints, hormones and skin!

What else can Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ do for you?
In The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, author Andreas Moritz writes, "The liver influences the entire circulatory system, including the heart. In fact, the liver is the greatest protector of the heart." Why? For one, your liver filters, detoxifies and purifies more than one quart of blood per minute. Your liver breaks down alcohol… neutralizes drug compounds…and eliminates toxins from your blood. The result? Clean, healthy blood that is vital to keep your heart strong. But if your liver is overworked and congested, it has to work overtime to keep your circulation and your heart healthy.

Your liver also plays a key role in your body's response to inflammation. Your liver is very resilient, but if toxins and chemicals are poorly detoxified by your liver and stored in your organs and fat, these increase's your body inflammatory response…which is not ideal.

Your liver plays a key role in keeping your hormones healthy, such as thyroid hormones. Your liver converts the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) into its more active form triiodothyronine (T3)—and inadequate conversion can lead to fatigue, memory problems and other health concerns.

Seasonal "sensitivities" can wreak havoc on your skin, causing rashes and itching. These are often caused by irritants on the skin that the liver normally takes care of…but can't handle due to a weakened state. But if your liver is healthy, you'll eliminate these irritants and enjoy clearer, smoother skin.

Bottom line: By detoxifying and supercharging your liver with Liver & Kidney Cleanse™…

You can create great health where there once was poor health!

Over the past 20 years, I've helped many of my patients naturally cleanse and boost their livers with the special herbs, nutrients and antioxidants you'll find exclusively in Liver & Kidney Cleanse™.

And when they detoxified and nourished their livers, amazing things started to happen:
Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ has done the same for tens of thousands of people—and it can do the same for you! But if you're still wondering if Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is the real deal…

Read how this skeptic became a believer

Althea C., Chennai, India writes, "To be really honest, I was a bit skeptical whether Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ would really work for me, but I was suffering with quite a number of the symptoms you mentioned, so I decided I had nothing to lose but try it. And boy was I in for a surprise!

"I immediately began to feel a lot more energetic. I've been suffering for years with a lot of symptoms like fatigue, headaches, general body itching, etc. which my doctor just can't find the cause for. I'm happy to say that the itching has stopped now, and I'm very, very thankful to you! Thanks a ton, Dr. Cutler."

More pep in my step!
"After using Liver & Kidney Cleanse™, I noticed my skin complexion was more clear and smooth looking. I had more pep in my walk and talk. The bottom line, I felt good and alive all over. A wonderful product. Thank you."
Macey C. of Jeffersonville, OH

Whole body boost!
"I have been taking Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for three months, and I can tell a big difference in my health. I don't have headaches like I did, and I have more energy than I've had in a long time. My whole body just feels better. Thanks for a wonderful supplement that really does work."
Janice B., Marshall, NC

Skin cleared up!
"I had a bad rash on my face. I had tried everything to clear it up but nothing worked. Then, I heard about Liver & Kidney Cleanse™. After using it for a few weeks my face was completely clear."
Debra W., Irvine, CA

Impressive results, right? Yet remarkably, Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ does even more.

It triggers ultimate detoxification and super health

This unique formula gives you ultimate detoxification & health boosting as nature intended.
Along with your liver, your kidneys are also important organs for removing toxins and waste products from your body.

Your body works best as a whole, so BOTH your liver and kidneys—not one or the other—must be functioning well for efficient detoxification. For example, your liver is especially efficient at sweeping out fat-soluble toxins, while your kidneys are better at detoxifying water-soluble toxins. The truth is, any natural detox or colon cleansing product that doesn't address both the liver AND the kidneys can negatively affect the efficiency of your entire detoxification system.

"I have been taking it for about a month, and my
joints are improving daily." — Jeff I., The Woodlands, TX
But Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ gives you ultimate detoxification and super health by…

Most products on the market I've seen neglect to address both the liver and kidney pathways of detoxification—but not this one. You will cleanse, nourish and supercharge BOTH your liver and kidneys for superior detoxification and health- boosting.

Toxins are a major cause of free radicals in the body—and as you know, free radicals are linked to poor cellular health, premature aging and many health concerns.
But Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ contains built-in antioxidant relief to neutralize harmful free radicals and their damaging effects.

Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is the result of more than 20 years helping my patients cleanse their livers and kidneys and boost their health. Taking it is by far the most effective method to help rid your body of accumulating toxins.

In fact, Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is the most powerful and complete formula I've ever seen to help restore your liver and kidneys to optimum health—and FAST. How is this possible? Because it gives you for the first time…

My Top Ten liver and kidney cleansing nutrients in one!

This powerful natural formula includes ten of the best of the best all-natural nutrients that work synergistically to…

…all to supercharge your health and help you feel alive again!
What are these unique nutrients? Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ starts with five "star" ingredients…
"Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ contains built-in antioxidant relief
to neutralize harmful free radicals."

1 The first star ingredient is Milk Thistle.

The first star ingredient in Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is milk thistle. Praised for thousands of years for its protective benefits for the liver, it turbocharges your liver's cleansing abilities. Milk thistle counteracts the effects of toxins that can impact liver cells. It contains a compound called Silymarin that alters the outer liver cell membrane to prevent toxic penetration.

In addition, many liver toxins affect cell membranes by creating harmful free radicals. But Silymarin is also a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals. Even better, Silymarin helps your liver (and kidney) cells regenerate! Science documents milk thistle's liver cleansing and boosting power. In one double-blind clinical study, treatment of Silymarin for six months exerted liver-protective effects and supported liver function in study subjects.1

2 The bile-booster & detoxifier: Artichoke Leaf

Another star ingredient is Artichoke Leaf, a popular herbal medicine in Europe for healthy liver function. In vitro studies have shown Artichoke Leaf's ability to stimulate the production of bile.2   Why is bile so important? Because it's critical for healthy digestion and absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitamins…and many waste products are eliminated from your body by secretion into bile. With Artichoke Leaf, you build up a healthy storehouse of bile to keep waste products out!

3 The liver-slimming secret: Soy Lecithin

Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ also includes Soy Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine) to help "thin" a fatty liver.
The American Liver Society reports up to 20% of American have excess fat in their livers with no inflammation or liver damage—a condition called "fatty liver." The good news is Soy Lecithin helps remove fat and cholesterol build up in your liver to slim it down—so it can do a better job detoxifying harmful chemicals and pollutants from your body.

4 The prescription/OTC medication-blaster:

Alpha Lipoic Acid Too many prescription and OTC drugs can congest your liver, but Alpha Lipoic Acid helps your liver combat the effects of these medications. How? By boosting your body's level of glutathione, which helps keep your liver enzymes at healthy levels. Known as the "universal antioxidant," Alpha Lipoic Acid also protects your liver and kidneys from free radical and oxidative stress damage and inflammation.3

5 The heavy metal-detoxifier: N-Acetyl-Cysteine

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and copper can be a burden to your liver and kidneys, but Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ comes to the rescue with the fifth star ingredient, N-Acetyl-Cysteine …or NAC. This powerful antioxidant helps your liver and kidneys control exposure to toxic heavy metals and boosts their detoxifying powers. Plus, it helps break up mucus that will clog these vital organs in your body. But that's not all. You also get…

Five other power-packed nutrients for superior
liver and kidney support

Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ also includes…

6 The toxin and alcohol shield: Betaine

Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ also includes Betaine (or trimethylglycine), a nutrient that shields your liver against fatty deposits and chemical threats of alcohol. In addition, scientific studies show Betaine helps aid digestion and keep homocysteine levels healthy—important for stomach and heart health.4

7 The liver & kidney guardian: Olive Leaf Extract

As I mentioned, your liver (and kidneys) are overwhelmed each day by toxins, chemicals, free radicals, even stress. But Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ gives these organs an extra level of protection with Olive Leaf Extract. This herbal wonder contains immune-supporting compounds, including a special one called "oleuropein." This antioxidant compound also helps manage toxins and inflammation.

8 The ancient liver-boosting tonic: Turmeric Root

Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine swear by Turmeric Root as a powerful natural liver tonic and booster. It may help stimulate the flow of bile…improve your liver's ability to digest fats…and protect your body from toxins. Even better, clinical studies show a special compound found inTurmeric, called curcumin, helps fight inflammation, balance cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.5

9 The blood purifier: Burdock Root

This unique formula also includes Burdock Root, used for centuries to clear the body of congestion and purify the blood. What's more, it is powerfully effective at soothing the kidneys to keep your urine flow healthy. Animal studies show Burdock Root protected the liver from a known liver toxic substance.6

10 The liver and kidney balancer: Dandelion Root

Last but not least, this formula is powerfully effective because it includes Dandelion Root.
This herbal phenomenon is vital because it helps keep your liver enzymes, electrolytes and fluids in your body balanced.It has also been shown to be a natural diuretic to promote healthy urinary function.7

Even better, these powerful nutrients, herbs and antioxidants work synergistically to give you cumulative liver and kidney cleansing and supercharging not found if taken individually—that's the beauty of an all-in-one formula! And if that's not enough, this formula is…

Easy, gentle, safe and works fast, too!

As I mentioned earlier, many people (maybe you, too) think cleansing your liver and kidneys requires a lot of work, discomfort, time and money. NOT SO! Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is…

**Easy…just take this powerful natural supplement every day—and keep your liver and kidneys unclogged, healthy and strong! No impossible-to-keep "detox diets"…no painful colon cleanses …no hassles!

**Gentle…you'll love the fact that you can cleanse and boost your liver and kidneys without discomfort. No harsh fiber products…no stress on your body.

**Safe…this formula works with your body the natural way—so you can detoxify and boost your liver and kidneys and feel like a million bucks!

**Fast…you'll be amazed at how great you'll feel in no time flat!
Best yet…

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For example, your "Best Deal" offer includes…
There's a lot of confusion and wrong information out there about liver and kidney "flushes." Maybe you've read or heard that you might occasionally need one of these "flushes" that include fasting, homemade cleansing tonics and more.

This Special Report answers questions like: Do you need an occasional liver or kidney flush? What are the pros and cons of such a "clean sweep" of these organs? And how can they make a difference in clearing out toxins, chemicals, food additives, metabolic wastes and more gunk?

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Here's great news: Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ must work for you—or it's FREE (less any shipping)! That's right. Your order is protected by this triple money-back guarantee better than any you'll ever see in a vitamin store!

Guarantee No. 1: Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is guaranteed to help you remove dangerous toxins from prescription drugs, alcohol and red meat…chemical food additives…environmental pollutants…and metabolic wastes from your liver and kidneys—or your money-back!

Guarantee No. 2: Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is guaranteed to cleanse and boost your overworked liver and kidneys so you enjoy skyrocketing energy…better digestion…clearer skin…healthier hormones…a sharper mind…and super health—or your money-back!

Guarantee No. 3: Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ is guaranteed to give you the results you want and need—or your money-back! That's right. If you are in any way dissatisfied, let us know, and you'll get 100% of your money-back (less any shipping). Not prorated but a LIFETIME money-back Guarantee! And all FREE Gifts are yours to keep no matter what. So why not give Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ a try today?

Yet here's one more very important reason why you should order Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ today…

You can be doing all the right things, but if you ignore a clogged, overworked liver, you won't have great health.

In my over 20 years in clinical medicine, I've found many, many people who've suffered from a clogged, sluggish liver—and didn't even know it. These people had been living years and decades unaware that their livers were being "gunked" up by dangerous toxins, chemical, pollutants, prescription drugs and metabolic wastes—and chances are good your liver is under assault, too.

But here's the real shocker: Even if the problem is only slight, it can have a huge negative impact on your health…leading to fatigue, bloating, stiff joints, poor digestion, seasonal sensitivities, skin rashes and less than ideal overall health. Yet as you've read, there's now an amazingly safe, gentle and affordable way for you to cleanse and restore your liver (and kidneys) to optimal health—and FAST!

It's all possible with the one-of-a-kind natural formula—the 24-cent liver saver—Liver & Kidney Cleanse™.

Don't wait another minute or day. I urge you to give Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ a try today—and start creating your own health wonders. Yours for better health, the natural way,

Michael Cutler, M.D.

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Liver & Kidney Cleanse™:
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