Bobby Landrum was really worried about his blood pressure...then he tried a natural solution that was inexpensive and remarkably effective...
What happened next?

Bobby went to his doctor's office and the nurse measured his BP at only 107/74. And Bobby is not alone.

Terrie Simpson's Blood Pressure is now only 108/64...

Was she relieved? You bet she was. That's why she wrote to us and said..."I wanted Dr. Cutler to know that, after taking the Ultimate BP, my blood pressure has 108/64. WOW! I thank God for the miracle that has taken place in my blood vessels."*

As you read this, you're going to meet dozens more people like Bobby and Terrie. You'll see how they (and their doctors) were frustrated by their stubborn blood pressure numbers. And you'll discover how they erased their worries safely, naturally, and inexpensively. What's their secret? One of the most surprising all-natural breakthroughs of our generation—called Ultimate BP.

Look, an estimated 74 million Americans are concerned about their blood pressure these days. Plus millions more have NO clue that they should be worried. This is your chance to FINALLY move those stubborn numbers toward better health. For yourself and your family, please read this report right now!

Pick a number, any number!
How happy would you be with BP numbers like these? Dr. Michael Cutler explains exactly how to make it happen naturally...
My blood pressure dropped to 120/70...
"I bought Ultimate BP [and] my blood pressure dropped to 120/70 and has stabilized at that level. Thank you for making such an effective product!"*
—David Droste, Marshfield, WI
BP now 121/91...
"I am 87. I think Ultimate BP formula is really working. I am on my 3rd bottle. Most of the time, it is below 130. Some of the readings are 121/91 and 121/104."*
—Thomas Green, Cedar Bluff, AL
BP now 120/78...
"My pressure [needed help]. I saw your ad in the mail. I will tell you it was a Godsend. I took Ultimate BP capsule for 2 weeks. I went back to my doctor and my pressure was 120/78. Thank you so much, Dr. Cutler."*
—Louis Worrell, Baltimore, MD
BP now 128/76...
"I see a change in my blood pressure...Now, since I started taking the Ultimate BP, it's 128/76. My doctor sees the change and he told me, "Your blood pressure is good."*
—Lawrence Blackman, Clewiston, FL
What's the secret? More coffee!

Coffee is good for blood pressure? "Doctor Cutler, you must be kidding!"

Dr. Michael Cutler

Dr. Michael Cutler

“Not at all. Coffee is exactly what you need for healthy blood pressure. Let me explain…

If your blood pressure is not where you want it to be.

If you’ve done everything right, but haven't gotten the results you want.

Then please take five minutes to read this report. I believe I’ve found the solution you’ve been hoping for. It’s coffee.

Yes, it’s the same coffee you drink every day but with ONE critical difference. It’s green and it has less caffeine than a cup of decaffeinated coffee!

The most significant blood-pressure breakthrough in 25 years

The coffee I’m talking about is extracted from the unroasted, green coffee beans. And it’s a potent tonic for healthy blood pressure like nothing I have ever seen before. As I write this report, I can’t recall a single nutritional discovery more significant than green coffee.

In a recent clinical study published in a major medical journal, a team of Japanese scientists reported that green coffee may be the golden key that unlocks a lifetime of healthy blood pressure.

The study subjects were all worried about keeping their blood pressure healthy (just like you). Half were given a placebo and the other half tried green coffee extracts. What happened next was utterly astounding to all the researchers and scientists involved…

Ultimate BP™ Breakthrough #1
Results from recent green coffee study published in a major medical journal:
Test subjects blood-pressure numbers shocked the researchers
After only weeks, the green coffee numbers were simply astounding.

Don’t worry about caffeine! Green coffee has less caffeine than a cup of DE-caffeinated coffee!

Hidden in these beans is a nutrient that may hold the key to protecting your body’s nitric oxide—the essential compound your blood vessels need to “relax” and open up—so healthy blood pressure and blood flow is optimal.

When Japanese researchers recently tested the blood pressure effects of green coffee extracts, the results were shocking.

Here are the actual 12 week results from the clinical study…

  • Systolic blood pressure (the TOP number) — HEALTHY.
  • Diastolic blood pressure (the BOTTOM number) — NORMAL.

How relieved would YOU feel with results like these? How surprised would your doctor be at your next checkup?

Even better, the green coffee test subjects enjoyed these results naturally.

What about side effects? None. In fact, the Japanese researchers reported that “… there were NO apparent side effects.”1

A second human study confirmed the remarkable results… and took it one step further…

In a separate study of 117 patients, researchers reported similar results for blood pressure.

They also reported that the more green coffee extracts the test subjects took, the healthier their blood pressure. Again, the results were reported in one of the world’s most respected medical journals.2

Look what’s going on inside your arteries and blood vessels…

As you age, your heart and blood vessels aren't as flexible as they once were, which may mean it's harder to maintain healthy blood pressure.

The nutrients discussed in this report help protect your body’s precious supply of nitric oxide—which relaxes and OPENS your arteries for healthier blood flow. They help keep your blood vessels smooth and flexible.

How does green coffee work? It’s nitric oxide.

The secret lies deep inside your arteries, blood vessels and even your heart. If you could shrink yourself down to the size of a molecule and travel through an artery, the first thing you’d notice is what scientists call the endothelium.

The endothelium is the smooth, supple lining inside every blood vessel in your body—from the largest arteries to the teeny tiny blood vessels in the far reaches of your body. When you were young, and your nitric oxide levels were high, your endothelium probably looked smooth as silk and just as supple.

But as you age, your nitric oxide levels start falling and your endothelial cells begin to age, too.

Over time, your arteries would begin to become less flexible. The result? It may be harder to maintain healthy blood pressure.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you—thanks to the ground-breaking research of three Nobel prize winners, and recent research into the health benefits of green coffee.

Green coffee helps rejuvenate the cells lining your arteries

The secret to green coffee’s power is connected to the availability of nitric oxide to your endothelial cells.

Meet Michael Cutler M.D.

Dr. Cutler is a Board-Certified Family Physician specializing in chronic degenerative diseases, with over 20 years of clinical practice.

  • He LOVES bringing the latest nutritional healing discoveries to his vast audience of readers and health-conscious Americans.
  • He’s a graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU), Tulane Medical School and Natividad Medical Center Family Practice Residency, in Salinas, California.
  • He’s the editor and founder of the popular online newsletter, Easy Health Options—one of America’s most trusted sources for new healing breakthroughs.
  • He’s the pioneering formulator of Ultimate BP™, the world’s first synergistic health supplement—where all the ingredients work together and deliver results most patients have never experienced before.

It’s really quite simple. In 1998, three Nobel Prize-winning scientists: Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad discovered that nitric oxide, a natural substance in your body, actually signals your endothelial cells to “relax” and open up your blood vessels.

The result? Healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure. But how can you make more nitric oxide available to your arteries and blood vessels?

That’s where green coffee comes in. In one study, researchers observed that people with healthy blood pressure have more nitric oxide available to nourish their endothelial cells—and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Arteries OPEN WIDE and say AHHH!

The solution? Green coffee extracts. Inside your body, this remarkable substance helps protect your body’s natural supply of nitric oxide so your blood vessels can “open wide” and keep your blood pressure right where your doctor (and you) want it.

So it’s no surprise that test subjects saw BIG improvements in blood pressure in a matter of weeks…

  • Systolic blood pressure—HEALTHY.
  • Diastolic blood pressure—NORMAL.

The science is in, and it’s indisputable. Green coffee is the kind of all-natural breakthrough you see maybe once or twice in a generation.

That’s why I now recommend green coffee to anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood pressure for life. But don’t head for the store just yet.

I want you to combine green coffee extracts with three more nutrients to get the maximum possible benefits.

One of the nutrients actually helps your body keep calcium in your bones where it belongs!

In combination, these four powerhouse nutrients (in Ultimate BP™) represent a giant leap forward for healthy blood pressure. It’s a whole new philosophy of science-based natural healing that makes every other supplement combination on the market today obsolete.

I’ll tell you all about this breakthrough in just a moment. First, let’s look at the other nutrients you need to help magnify the power of green coffee extracts.

Shock your doctor at your next checkup!
Try Ultimate BP™ completely risk-free…

Here’s an idea: Next time they put the blood pressure cuff on you at your doctor’s office, you smile and relax—because you know what’s coming: Healthy numbers that will amaze your doctor and have him asking for your secret! That’s what Ultimate BP™ did for them… it can do the same for you. You don’t risk a single penny to try it and you can get two bottles FREE.

BP only 120/70…

“I came home and ordered your Ultimate BP™. It is now… 120/70 and good. Nothing ever worked for me like that wonderful product. I think we have found honest help.”*

— Steven D. McDaniel, Cibolo, TX

“His blood pressure is down to 128/71… ”

“… my husband (has) been taking Ultimate BP™ for 3 months now, and his blood pressure is 128/71.”*

—Medeana Knipp, Tonganoxie, KS

Robert’s doctor was thrilled…

“I am 89 years old … I am an avid cyclist… With your supplement, I had 120/80 at the doctors. They complimented me. I have gone 18,000 miles on the trike in 4.5 years.”

—Robert McClune, Lancaster, PA

Terri’s BP is 107/74 in the doctor’s office!

“After taking my first bottle of Ultimate BP™, I went to the doctor. The nursing assistant took my blood pressure and it was 107/74. I was pleasantly surprised at the reading but I didn’t believe it. So I asked my doctor to check it again. This time it was 110/80! I was thrilled! Ultimate BP™ is working for me!”*

—Terri (Bobby) Landrum, Lithonia, GA

“My doctor was very pleased… ”

Ultimate BP™ really works. My total blood work was in good range. My doctor was very pleased.”

—Annie M. Latimer, Columbus, GA

Joe’s BP is now only 129/79…

“I have been taking Ultimate BP™ for the past 2 months with great results. My BP is 129/79, an average for the past month. I just turned 74 and feel 40 again… ”

—Joseph Flood, Cobbtown, GA

“My blood pressure is 125/85… ”

“I have to believe in my heart that this is the only vitamin therapy I have ever tried that worked. My blood pressure is 125/85. Great product, I have told all my friends.”*

—Richard Palmer, Las Vegas, NV

Systolic now in 100’s…

“My first bottle of Ultimate BP™ [my systolic was] in the 130’s. I’m now on bottle 2, down in the 120’s and 100’s.”*

—John Teichman, Willis, TX

“My doctor was amazed… ”

“I started taking Ultimate BP™ and my blood pressure [is healthy], my doctor was amazed, and wanted to find out more about this product. I would highly recommend Ultimate BP™. It’s wonderful to find a product without side effects that is truly a healthy blood pressure support.”*

—Pamela E. Detroye, Oostburg, WI

Unbelievable results…

“I cannot say enough about Ultimate BP™. I took it… prior to seeing my doctor and my BP was 138/80. We could not believe it.”*

—Hazel Hermacey, Stonington, CT

“At my annual physical my BP was 122/62… ”

“Several months ago, I began taking Ultimate BP™ and last week at my annual physical my BP was 122/62. It made both me and my doctor very happy.”*

—Nick Aversa, Waukesha, WI

BP Normal for 6 months now…

“I have been using Ultimate BP™ for 6 months now and it keeps my blood pressure in the normal range without fail and no side effects. My son has started taking it… This is a wonderful product and we wouldn’t be without it.”

—Jeannine M. Kaminski, Waterford, WI

*Your results may vary. These results are based on the original Ultimate BP™, not the NEW and improved formula described in this report. Ultimate BP™ is intended to support healthy blood pressure.

Ultimate BP™ Breakthrough #2
The 6,000-year-old blood pressure secret
of the ancient Egyptians

Although I’m convinced that green coffee is one of the greatest blood pressure breakthroughs ever, I know how to help magnify the benefits.

I’m talking about grapes, or more specifically grape seed extracts—where the nutrients are highly concentrated.

“Strong evidence”
for a healthy heart…

“There’s strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular [concerns]. Grape seed extract may help with… circulation… and… cholesterol… ”

Archeological evidence has revealed that the ancient Egyptians valued grapes for their health benefits. And ancient Greek philosophers wrote about the medicinal and health properties often.

It turns out they were both right. Recent studies have shown that grape seed extracts are powerful antioxidants that help protect your DNA as you age. They’re also packed with healthy flavonoids essential for maintaining healthy cholesterol, healthy blood sugar, and healthy aging.

But we’re talking about blood pressure today, and it just so happens that grape seed extracts are pure magic when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure. They’re also the absolute perfect companion to the green coffee extracts in Ultimate BP™.

  • Systolic (top) blood pressure—HEALTHY.
  • Diastolic (bottom) pressure—NORMAL.

In a human trial conducted at the UC Davis School of Medicine, test subjects were given grape seed extracts daily.

After only four weeks, the results were utterly astonishing: The systolic (top) number was great. The diastolic (bottom) number was also healthy.3

Prevention magazine reports on:
The Grape Seed Cure

“In a recent 4-week study at the University of California Davis, cardiovascular researchers gave a daily dose of 150 mg or 300 mg of GSE or a placebo to 24 people… Both GSE groups saw blood pressure [benefits]… ”

— Prevention magazine 11/11

It’s nitric oxide again…

Nitric oxide, you’ll recall, signals your blood vessels to relax and open wide—thus maintaining healthy blood pressure and increasing healthy blood flow. And grape seed extracts help support your body’s supply of healthy nitric oxide.

That’s what makes grape seed extracts the perfect companion to green coffee. Together (in Ultimate BP™) they help protect your body’s supply of precious nitric oxide.

But I’m not done quite yet. Let’s look at the next breakthrough nutrient in Ultimate BP™.

Ultimate BP™ Breakthrough #3
The ancient Chinese longevity secret that helps keep your blood vessels WIDE OPEN

For thousands of years, Chinese healers have considered the pomegranate a symbol of longevity. In ancient Babylonia, healers believed that pomegranates could even restore life to the dead.

Modern history is no exception. In recent studies, the humble pomegranate has demonstrated an utterly remarkable ability to help keep your heart healthy, and support healthy blood pressure levels.

Supported by modern research…

In a randomized, human trial published in a respected medical journal, scientists measured the cardiovascular benefits of the pomegranate. The subjects were 65-75 years old and were asked to drink a serving of pomegranate juice each day. No other lifestyle changes were required. The results?

Ultimate BP™ is based on the ground-breaking research of THREE Nobel Prize winners…

“They were the first scientists to demonstrate how nitric oxide ‘signals’ your cells and helps relax your blood vessels. Ultimate BP™ builds on this discovery with nutrients that help boost your nitric oxide levels naturally. The result is healthy blood pressure… ”

—Michael Cutler, M.D.

Healthy systolic (top) blood pressure

That’s a significant drop when it comes to your health. And it’s more than enough to help maintain healthy blood pressure for life.

But that’s not the most exciting news when it comes to pomegranate.

In the same study, scientists observed some remarkable results that make pomegranate the perfect companion to green coffee and grape seed extracts.

Pomegranate helped keep blood vessels flexible

Just as nitric oxide helps signal your blood vessels to relax and restore healthy blood flow, there are specific enzymes that work against you and help narrow your arteries. In the study above, an overwhelming majority of the test subjects saw improvement in the enzymes that affect arterial flexibility.4

In a second lab study conducted by the Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Louis Ignarro and his associates, it was determined that pomegranate juice actually helps protect nitric oxide from being destroyed (similar to green coffee).

That way, the supply of healthy nitric oxide continues uninterrupted, and it can help keep blood vessels nice and relaxed for healthy blood pressure levels.5

It’s amazing… I know. But I’m not done yet. There’s still one more ingredient in Ultimate BP™ we need to add to this miraculous mix—and it just may be the most amazing story of all.

Ultimate BP™ Breakthrough #4
The vitamin that helps your body naturally keep calcium in bones where you really need it!

Earlier in this report, I talked about “voyaging” through your blood vessels and witnessing what can occur as you grow older and are exposed to a poor diet, stress, pollution and even heredity.

Scientists have finally identified how you can help your body use calcium the way it needs it, in your bones.

How perfect a solution is that?

The golden key that makes this happen is called vitamin K2. You might be familiar with regular vitamin K1 that’s found in green, leafy vegetables so it’s easy to get sufficient quantities in your diet.

Vitamin K2 is usually found in foods like organ meats that most people don’t eat much these days (and for good reason). The best dietary source is a common Japanese staple called natto that’s made from fermented soybeans.

Believe me, I’ve tried natto and it’s definitely an acquired taste. Fortunately, there’s no need to subject yourself to dietary Hell. You can get all the vitamin K2 you need from supplements (provided you pick them carefully). I’ll explain how to do that later.

First, I want you to understand what a profound difference getting more K2 into your body can mean for you.

A higher intake of vitamin K2 has been associated
with a 20-percent improvement in your artery health…

That was the conclusion of a group of researchers who evaluated a group of 564 women whose average age was 67.

They concluded that those women who consumed higher amounts of vitamin K2 had healthier blood vessels.6

The world-famous Rotterdam Heart Study then
clinched the good news about vitamin K2

The researchers followed 4,800 men and women for seven years. They carefully monitored their intake of vitamin K2 and how it was affecting their cardiovascular health. The conclusion?7

Subjects who consumed the most vitamin K2 were much healthier…

Why? Because their arteries were healthier and more flexible.

Now, can you see why I wanted to add this amazing nutrient to Ultimate BP™—along with green coffee, grape seed extracts, and pomegranate?

The first three ingredients work to open and “relax” your arteries and blood vessels. Then vitamin K2 comes along to help your body naturally keep calcium in your bones, where it belongs.

As a medical doctor, I know that it does not get any better than this for maintaining healthy blood pressure.

So if your blood pressure is frustrating you…
If you’ve tried dieting, exercise, the works
and your numbers are still not where you want them to be…

… you need to add these four nutrients to your daily routine. You could always try to do this on your own by taking a handful of expensive vitamins every day, but just remember…

The dosages are critically important. Many of these studies found that the results were very dose-dependent. That means if you take too little of the nutrient, you’re just wasting your time.

The simplest and most inexpensive solution
is to try Ultimate BP™ completely risk-free.

I am delighted to say that we have recently completed the formula for Ultimate BP™ in combination with one of the world’s leading nutritional health pioneers called True Health™.

Ultimate BP™ contains all four of the remarkable nutrients we have just discussed at the exact dosages you need to maintain healthy blood pressure for life… in one convenient supplement.

Ultimate BP™ is the world’s FIRST supplement with nutrients designed to work together…

Ultimate BP™ is “like a blessing… ”

“I love Ultimate BP™ and will reorder it. I feel great. Great product. Thank you.”*

—Linda S. Davis, Fallon, NV

When you’re baking a cake, you need to strike a delicate balance between all the ingredients to get the outcome you want.

It’s not about adding more and more and more. It’s about a dash of cinnamon, a teaspoon of baking powder, a cup or two of flour and all the ingredients working together to make magic when the cake emerges from the oven.

Until now, the supplement industry has been all about “throwing in” everything but the kitchen sink in an attempt to make money. Most manufacturers completely ignore the subtle interactions between ingredients that can make all the difference in your life.

They just think “more is better.” That’s not just wrong, it’s often unhealthy and downright misleading.

It’s Mother Nature’s Master Plan for
health and longevity…

Ultimate BP™ truly follows Mother Nature’s Master Plan for healing. Just as an orange contains a magical mix of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber that work together, Ultimate BP™’s ingredients combine and build upon each other to help you get your blood pressure numbers right where they need to be.

If you (and your doctor) are even remotely concerned about your blood pressure, you need to try Ultimate BP™ right now. Learn how to get up to 2 bottles FREE!

Ultimate BP™ Breakthrough #5
Ultimate BP™ delivers the research-quality ingredients you need to see results.
You also save a fortune…

To help guarantee you get the exact nutrients you need in Ultimate BP™, I worked closely with my own team and True Health™ to identify the purest ingredients with the highest quality controls in the supplement industry.

Here’s what you get in every capsule…

  1. Green coffee bean extracts that contain 50-percent chlorogenic acid or CGA. In the clinical studies, it was CGA that was determined to help maintain the availability of nitric oxide to blood vessels—and help “relax” your blood vessels for healthier blood flow. True Health™ picks the finest quality coffee beans available and purifies them to extract the highest level of CGA for your health.
  2. MegaNatural BP (grape seed extracts). It’s the purest form of grape seed extracts available anywhere. It’s been tested in human trials and it’s highly bioavailable which means you get the health benefits you pay for and never flush them.
  3. Highly purified pomegranate juice extracts. In clinical research, pomegranate has demonstrated a remarkable ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure. Since much of the research into the health benefits of pomegranate have been done using juice, we have included a highly purified form so you can get the benefits of pomegranate juice without the extra expense of buying the juice!
  4. Vitamin K2 in its purest, most beneficial form. This is important. When you review all the research, you learn that there are thirteen different forms of vitamin K2. They’re labeled MK-1 through MK-13.

    The one YOU want, and need, is called MK-7.

    Why? Because it’s MK-7 that helps your body naturally keep calcium where it belongs. Ultimate BP™ uses only MK-7, so you can rest assured you’re getting the proven nutrient you want.

    MK-7 is also very expensive, so many vitamin companies have substituted inferior subtypes in their products. Rest assured that will never happen with Ultimate BP™.


Ultimate BP™ is the essence of simplicity for maintaining healthy blood pressure! It contains all four top blood pressure discoveries in one convenient, money-saving formula.

It works for you or it’s FREE

What you’ll NEVER find inside
an Ultimate BP™ capsule

There are no harsh ingredients in Ultimate BP™. You simply get the pure, proven healing power of Mother Nature in an easy to swallow capsule that helps maintain healthy blood pressure for life. How simple is that?

Bradley kept his truck driver license
thanks to Ultimate BP™

Thanks to Ultimate BP™ and helathy blood pressure, Bradley keeps on truckin'

“I am a big rig truck driver. As such, I am required to maintain (healthy) blood pressure…

“After taking Ultimate BP™, my blood pressure reading [is] 128/60 and holding steady. I [know I will keep] my D.O.T. Medical Card and my C.D.L.”*

—Bradley D. Anderson, Tieton, WA

“Thank God for Ultimate BP™… ”

“… one day, I got a mail offer for Ultimate BP™. I decided to give it a try and now, my blood pressure is around 125–135. When my doctor found out what I was taking, he was simply amazed. Thank God for Ultimate BP™.” *

—John R. Dahle, Pocatello, ID

Ultimate BP™ was like magic… ”

Ultimate BP™ was like magic… it really works and [keeps] my blood pressure [at] 128/80.”

— Gizella Crandall, Frankfort, IL

“Blood pressure normal… ”

“I bought the Ultimate BP™ for my 84 year old mother-in-law… Her blood pressure [is] normal… Ultimate BP™ has proven to be very effective for her and we would recommend it to anyone.”*

—Forrest Walser, Chino Valley, AZ

“Huge difference after taking the first bottle… ”

“There was a huge difference after taking the first bottle. My blood pressure was normal. I was overjoyed. My doctor is very happy. I am now on the second order of the 3 month supply. I will never be without it. I feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Cutler.”*

—Lois Maese, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

At last! BP is now only 125/75…

“At last my blood pressure has gone… to 125/75. My doctor was a pharmacist and he said just keep on taking Dr. Cutler’s Ultimate BP™… Thank you.”*

—Ronald Pilling, Clarksville, AR

Helps with circulation…

“It helps with my circulation. Also, it helps [maintain] my blood pressure and makes me feel better and relieved.”*

—Mervin Brown, Montgomery, AL

BP 110/72…

“I have been taking Ultimate BP™ for about 2 months and I do notice an improvement in well being, energy, and circulation. My blood pressure is 110/72 on average. Thus at 80 years of age I recommend this supplement to all.”*

—John McIlvaine, Waynesburg, PA

“My systolic blood pressure dropped… ”

“My systolic blood pressure [is healthy] and my diastolic blood pressure [is normal]. My doctor was pleased with the results.”*

—Patricia E. Ganger, Milwaukee, WI

“My doctor said that my blood pressure is better than his… ”

“My blood pressure has been reading normal since taking Ultimate BP™. My doctor said that my blood pressure is better than his!”*

—Steven Biase, Lady Lake, FL

“My doctor is thrilled for me… ”

“I am 75 years old… and I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this has made. My morning blood pressure is [great], and during the day I am getting readings in the mid 130’s over mid 70’s. My doctor is thrilled for me and asked for the information which I have given to her.”*

—Kathleen Carlton, St. Petersburg, FL

Ultimate BP™ is a Godsend!

“I think Ultimate BP™ is wonderful. The results are wonderful — it’s wonderful to enjoy life again — thanks Dr. Cutler. Ultimate BP™ is a Godsend.”

—Sandra Smith, Keizer, OR

“Blood pressure has never been so good!”

“I want you to know my blood pressure has never been so good. I went to the doctor’s a while back and my BP was 118/65. A few weeks later I went back to the doctors and my BP was 127/72. I am so happy with your products. You have the best company so far to help me. Thanks so much.”*

—Joan Platt, Great Barrington, MA

“I am happy with the results… ”

“I have been taking Ultimate BP™… for the past 2 months. My pressure is holding at 130/68. I am happy with the results. I am becoming a true believer of Dr. Cutler and True Health™.”*

—Norman Chin, Oakland, NJ

Blood pressure is now only 120/70. Best Christmas ever…

“I had a blood pressure of 120/70 and… I have been taking Ultimate BP™ for a few weeks and that must be the answer. Thank you it gives me a nice Christmas. I’m 86 years and I feel I will be living a long time yet.”*

—Aileen V. Barnes, Boring OR

BP now 118/78…

“My blood pressure, after taking Ultimate BP™ for about a month, has been consistently 118/78.”*

—Theresa Goodman, Manahawkin, NJ

*Your results may vary. These results are based on the original Ultimate BP™, not the NEW and improved formula described in this report. Ultimate BP™ is intended to support healthy blood pressure.

“You’re invited to try Ultimate BP™ for up to 2 whole months FREE”
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One of the primary reasons I loved working with True Health™ on Ultimate BP™ is that they share my belief that you shouldn’t pay a single penny if a product doesn’t help you.

It’s a quaint, old-fashioned way of doing business. Remember, when salesmen used to say “go ahead, kick the tires and see if you like it!”

A handshake was worth it’s weight in gold back then—and True Health™ has always done business that way.

So if you decide to accept our special introductory invitation today, you’ll receive 2 bottles of Ultimate BP™ absolutely FREE. That’s a two-month supply.

I’ll tell you more about this amazing introductory offer and unconditional guarantee in just a moment. First, I have some more free gifts that are coming your way.

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If you’re worried about your blood pressure, I urge you to try Ultimate BP™. But I don’t want you to stop there.

I want you to make Ultimate BP™ the first step towards a lifetime of positive action that can protect your heart and extend your “youth span” far longer than Nature intended.

To help you do this, I created a special, over-50 library of three special health reports that cover your heart plus more than 100 more health concerns. If you decide to accept our special introductory offer, you get all three volumes for free.

Our gifts to you, just for trying Ultimate BP™ completely risk-free:
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And, to add to the seriousness of the situation, I believe that fewer than 1 in 100 people have a clue about what they could and should do to dodge this debilitating disease.

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  • And much more.

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In your second free report, I’ve detailed the exact steps you need to take. They’re simple, easy, and profoundly effective. Just look…

  • The hands-down best way to support normal blood clotting. It’s a Japanese staple that also helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • The old-fashioned folk remedy for rejuvenating your heart—now proven by modern science. It’s an all-in-one remedy that helps maintain healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol, healthy arteries, and more.

You’ll also discover the seaweed solution for healthy blood pressure. Cholesterol’s “evil twin” that you need to ask your doctor about and so much more.

There’s still more that’s coming your way for free…

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“Thank God for sending Dr. Cutler to me through the mail… ”

“I thank God for sending Dr. Cutler to me through the mail. My blood pressure is now within normal readings. Thank you for Ultimate BP™.”*

—Betty Spivey, New Iberia, LA

“My BP [is now] 119/77 on my first [bottle]…”

“I started using Ultimate BP™ at the end of October… my BP [was] 119/77 on my first [bottle].”*

—Miguel A. Merida Jr, Norfolk, VA

BP now 120/80…

“Last (doctor) visit, I had been taking Ultimate BP™ and it was 120/80. Right on! I could hardly believe it. I am glad I have heard of this. I keep my supply ahead.”*

—Evelyn Schmitt, Schuylkill Haven, PA

“My blood pressure has returned to normal… ”

“I’ve been taking Ultimate BP™ for over two months, now. I was more than delighted recently when my PCP told me my blood pressure [was] normal. WOW, what a relief… Thanks, Dr. Cutler, for a product that truly works!”*

—Kenneth T. Roberts, Kissimmee, FL

“I am back to dancing again and enjoying life… ”

“After taking Ultimate BP™ for 2 months, I feel like a different person. I am 89 years old and I have [healthy] blood pressure under control. I am back to dancing and again and enjoying life, thanks to Ultimate BP™.”

—Helen Ransbottom, Columbus, OH

BP now 112/60…

“It works good, 112/60. Been staying around these numbers. Thank you!”*

—William Benson, Port Orange, FL

“Much lower cost!”

“I tried Ultimate BP™ and… Now, I have an all natural supplement [for] my blood pressure at a much lower cost.”

—Jim Duncan, Naperville, IL

Nothing worked as well as Ultimate BP™

“This has been the only useful blood pressure supplement which allows me more than just [healthy] pressure. It also allows for an extremely restful night sleeping the night through. None of the others I’ve tried are as effective as Ultimate BP™. For me, it’s great.”*

—Roger Hansen, Paso Robles, CA

BP now 102/80…

“Last time my doctor checked my blood pressure it was 102/80! Good stuff!”*

—Carol P. Decker, Santa Fe, NM

“My blood pressure dropped right away… ”

“I am so glad to get this form from you. I have really wanted to let you know, this product has worked like a miracle. I read the information that you sent with and really believe it [helped]. Thank you.”*

—Susan L. Vargas, Glen Ellen, CA

“I will be ordering more soon… ”

“I was not really expecting to see true changes in my blood pressure. I was shocked to actually see real visible changes in [maintaining] my [healthy] blood pressure. I had more energy, too. I will be ordering more soon.”*

—Jack Mayes, Lumberton, NC

“I praise and thank God for my blood
pressure [is] 127/72… ”

“I started Ultimate BP™ in November… I praise and thank God for my blood pressure [is] 127/72 and below. I also thank True Health™ for Ultimate BP™ for [helping] my blood pressure to [stay healthy]. God bless your work and may others be blessed with your product.”*

—Susan Ngitngit, Chicago, IL

“It helps my circulation…

“I like Ultimate BP™. I feel better taking it. I like the Vitamin K2 in it. It helps my circulation and I know it’s good for my bones and blood as are the other ingredients. Thanks, it’s a good product.”*

—Betty Thrush-Paraday, Portland, OR

BP now 115/70…

“It appears to be working. My BP is staying around 115/70 which is good… ”*

—Clarence Painter Jr., Houston, TX

“God Bless You!”

“Thank you for this wonderful product, Ultimate BP™. It worked on me like a miracle. I will never stop using it. This product is a Godsend. God bless you.”*

—Olga I. Rodriguez, New York, NY

*Your results may vary. These results are based on the original Ultimate BP™, not the NEW and improved formula described in this report. Ultimate BP™ is intended to support healthy blood pressure.

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6-Month supply of Ultimate BP™ for only $149.70, I save $30 OFF the regular price! Plus I also receive…

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