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Pure Krill Mega-3

Item # TH3323

Quick Overview

Easy-to-digest omega-3s for outstanding heart and brain health.
lifetime guarantee made in the usa

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Softgels
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 5
  Calories from Fat 5
Total Fat 0.5 g 1%**
Krill Oil Blend (KREAL™†)
  (Krill-derived phospholipids,
   fish oil, soy-derived
  mixed tocopherols,
  ascorbyl palmitate, and astaxanthin)
1 g *
 Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 400 mg *
  Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 210 mg *
  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 180 mg *
 Astaxanthin 100 mcg *
* Daily Value not established.

** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, water, and lemon oil.

Suggested Use: Take two softgels daily with your first meal - or as directed by your health care professional.

Contains fish from one or more of the following species: anchovy, sardine, mackerel, tuna, menhaden, herring.

† KREAL and MSO are trademarks of Enzymotec, Ltd.

MSO® is a special manufacturing technology by Enzymotec that ensures superior freshness and potency.


Pure Krill Mega-3™

Omega-3 EFAs from pure krill oil:

  • Support cardiovascular and brain health
  • Promote healthy cholesterol levels
  • Enhance joint comfort and flexibility
  • Balance inflammatory response
  • Protect against free-radical damage

Looking for the BEST source of omega-3s to not only boost your heart health, but also support your body from head-to-toe? The search stops here, with Pure Krill Mega-3™.

For years, supplement users have been taking fish oil for its DHA and EPA omega-3s, but the newest research reveals that these omega-3s come in the form of ethyl esters, which are not easily absorbed and difficult for your body to use.

The good news is that krill oil offers a new, pure and improved form of omega-3s, because they are attached to phospholipids that are identical to phospholipids in the cells of your body, making them highly absorbable and extremely effective.

The krill oil difference

Krill oil is one of the healthiest forms of omega-3s known to man. It's extracted from tiny shrimp-like crustaceans, which are abundant in the deep, pure waters off Antarctica.

Although krill are small, they are the richest source of pure omega-3s on earth! In addition, these omega-3s are naturally accompanied by the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, for added defense against free-radical damage. And, unlike many other antioxidants, astaxanthin can cross your blood-brain barrier for vital protection of your body’s most delicate cells.

What makes krill oil so special and so superior to fish oil? Four important features…

  1. Greater potency: Krill oil is the only natural source of omega-3s that combines the three key substances your body must have for superior health—inflammation-fighting EPA and DHA omega-3s…brain-essential phospholipids…and cell-protective antioxidants. You won’t find this combination of heart and brain-saving substances in fish oil or any other omega-3 source.
  2. Greater purity: Krill oil is harvested in its natural environment—the deep, pure, icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. They are never raised in artificial or overcrowded environments, like fish farms. This means krill oil is free of pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemicals used to treat the water or food in the farms where fish are often raised for their oil.
  3. Greater bioavailability: The omega-3s found in krill oil are powerfully effective because their chemical structure makes them more easily used by your body than fish oil. And they are more easily digested, too, which means no fishy aftertaste or embarrassing burping! But, more important, it means MORE DHA and EPA omega-3s in every serving!
  4. Greater health benefits: Time after time, when krill oil is tested head-to-head against fish oil or a placebo, it produces superior results for supporting healthy cholesterol, inflammation, joints, memory, skin wrinkles, minor PMS symptoms, and more!

Simply put, krill oil is the best omega-3 source for your overall great health! And Pure Krill Mega-3™ by True Health™ delivers research-based doses of EPA and DHA omega-3s, along with the iron-clad quality and 100% satisfaction guarantees you get with every one of our supplement formulas!

Customer Reviews
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    Krill Oil

    I have been taking Krill Oil now for about 6 months and oh my gosh, my nails are so hard and. I ALWAYS had paper thin nails, the minute they would grow just a little bit, they would snap right off. Now they are so hard and really grow to any length I want. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!
    I noticed even my hair has improved, thicker and even growing where I had been receding.
    I would STRONGLY recommend this product.
    I had taken a pretty good brand of fish oil before taking the Krill and I will definitely stick with the Krill Oil.

    Reviewed on 7/27/14 by Joanne K Ingold

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      Pure Krill Mega-3™
      Frequently Asked Questions


      60 softgels per bottle
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      Q. How do I take Pure Krill Mega-3™?

      Q. How long will it take Pure Krill Mega-3™ to work?

      Q. What are the Pure Krill Mega-3™ softgels made of?

      Q. Can I take Pure Krill Mega-3™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      Q. Where is Pure Krill Mega-3™ made?

      Q. Can I give Pure Krill Mega-3™ to my child or pet?

      Q. How do I take Pure Krill Mega-3™?

      A. The recommended dose of Pure Krill Mega-3™ is two softgels daily with your first meal - or as directed by your health care professional.

      Q. How long will it take Pure Krill Mega-3™ to work?

      A. Krill oil supplements work differently for different people. You could easily start to notice positive benefits from the omega-3s in Pure Krill Mega-3™ after as little as 30 days. However, you'll likely experience your most significant benefits in 60 to 90 days or longer. Consistent use over time improves effectiveness. For optimal results, combine with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

      Q. What are the Pure Krill Mega-3™ softgels made of?

      A. The Pure Krill Mega-3™ softgels are made of gelatin. If you'd prefer not to ingest the softgels, you can puncture them and squeeze the contents into food or liquid.

      Q. Can I take Pure Krill Mega-3™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      A. If you have a medical condition or are on medication, it's best to consult with your healthcare professional before taking Pure Krill Mega-3™ or any other dietary supplement.

      Q. Where is Pure Krill Mega-3™ made?

      A. Pure Krill Mega-3™ is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Our manufacturing is performed in fully licensed and GMP registered facilities to assure compliance with the latest industry guidelines, government regulations and quality assurance practices.

      Q. Can I give Pure Krill Mega-3™ to my child or pet?

      A. Before giving Pure Krill Mega-3™ to your child, please consult with your healthcare professional. Also, check with your vet before giving supplements to your pet.