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JointFlex Complete

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    Love my joints agains!

    Great product--combines all the ingredients for healthy cartilage plus relief from my creaking, aching joints. Thank you!!

    Reviewed on 11/13/14 by Janefan

    Relief from knee pain

    I tried JointFlex Complete and already find relief from my knee pain with my first dose (I took three capsules). I am now able to squart and walk without pain after taking it for a month now.

    Reviewed on 2/27/14 by Larry Tan

    6 months later, I only need 1 per day

    I already reviewed this 6 months ago and was very pleased at the time. But I was taking 4 capsules per day to get my knees healthy. Now I am down to 1 per day and it is still working!

    Reviewed on 2/20/14 by Thom_C

    The best joint formula that I have found

    Before taking this product I had so much pain in my shoulders I could not sleep at nite. It took about 2 months but I started to notice I was sleeping all thru the nite. Then my shoulders stopped hurting all day. Now with daily use of your joint formula I am able to do just about anything. Thanks, DP

    Reviewed on 1/20/14 by wood guru

    I have a lilfe again!

    After trying many other natural products, none of which were strong enough, I tried Joint Flex Complete! Thank you True Health for giving me my life back!

    Reviewed on 11/8/13 by Larry

    It works

    After 8 weeks and many many dollars later, Joint Flex solved my problem .Love it.

    Reviewed on 10/25/13 by No more pain

    Value for Money

    I've been taking this for more than 6 months if I remember correctly together with the Pure Krill. As long as my knee is not worsening I'm quite satisfy with the products . decided to scout for health supplements instead. Though I still experience some discomfort but nonetheless I feel better than I was a few years ago.

    Reviewed on 10/22/13 by Alex

    I wouldn't mind telling all my friends

    Well I wouldn't say it is the best product but I feel comfortable about taking it. To me, if my condition does not get worst than before I started taking, I'm very satisfied. What can you say then? I'm 70 now.

    Reviewed on 9/29/13 by Alex

    Neck pain relief & improved motion range

    Although no claims were made for neck pain, I decided to try for relief of more than 20 years of neck pain and almost no range of neck motion. After a couple of weeks, the neck bones started popping and moving. After 2 months, my motion has doubled and pain 95% less. Shoulders that I could feel like rocks grinding when I moved them are now 95% pain free.

    Reviewed on 9/20/13 by 95%Pain free

    Jointflex Complete

    I first came accross this product on email and after reading its makeup I decided to give it a try. This was the best thing I did I had always been an active person, but found it difficult with the knee pain and restricted movement after sitting for certain periods. (e.g. Movies)After the first week I found that I could move easily free of pain,and so easy to take one three times a day without any side effects.I would thoroughly recommend this product.

    Reviewed on 8/13/13 by Bob the Daoist (tai chi


    I did some heavy snow skiing that took a toll on my knees. I am 66 years old now and tried joint flex 3 months ago and found it incredibly good for strengthening my joins health. Feel like skiing again. Already ordered more.

    Reviewed on 8/6/13 by Wani

    I will continue to buy this product

    i take this product because I have problems with my joints. This product is very easy to take and works within days of taking the first dose. I have no negative things to say about this product.

    Reviewed on 7/16/13 by The janitor

    I immediately felt results

    results were fast and I forgot I had knees that hurt and couldn't bend and twist. I'm very pleased with this product. I'd recommend it to anyone having joint problems. No taking krill or omega 3 or glucosomine and even mutiple vitamin usage can be reduced.I take 3 tablets in the morning

    Reviewed on 7/7/13 by Maria

    my knee is much improved

    I did a lot of stair climbing for exercise which is great but at 60, my knee was not up to it and eventually started to pop as I walked. When I sat in an awkward position one night on the floor for an hour, one knee got bad and I had pain for a few months. This was the 2nd supplement I tried for relief. I only used the first product (another brand) for less than a bottle before I switched to this one. Before the end of the first bottle of Jointflex Complete, I had no more pops or pain. I am very happy! I take 2 pills with food in the morning and again at night, so 4 pills per day total. Very happy! Ordered more already!

    Reviewed on 7/3/13 by Thom_C

    i would buy it again

    takes time on old people

    Reviewed on 7/3/13 by no nickname


    I cannot yet determine if Jointflex is helping in the long run. I just started the 2nd bottle. It did help reduce knee pain early with the 1st bottle, but I found later that the knee wasn't the cause of the pain in the knee. As a senior, no doubt I have joint damage because of past issues. Hopefully the formula will help rejuvenate my knees.

    Reviewed on 6/27/13 by nyoka

    not satisfied

    It has made no difference to my joints after 1 month of taking the formula regularly

    Reviewed on 6/26/13 by par

    As good or better than Glucosamine/Chond

    I take in the morning right after going for a walk. It seems to be prodiucing better results than Glucoamine/Chrondrotin. It takes less time for the effect to take place. I am satisfied with the results!

    Reviewed on 6/7/13 by none

    This product is just fantastic

    My shoulder was so painful I could not raise it above my head but after a week or so my pain started to lessen. Now it has been a month or less my pain is completely gone.

    Reviewed on 6/3/13 by Jheri Workaholic

    No pain relief here

    This product did not work for me so I stopped after finishing the bottle. I gave the product a fair chance but there was no relief from the pain.

    Reviewed on 5/11/13 by Don

    It is effective for sore/stiff knees

    After 3 weeks with swimming, massage,foot reflexology, ionic foot detox, I am getting better in a no. of ways, including, sore, stiff knees at about 80% better. Maurice.

    Reviewed on 5/9/13 by Morry

    has not yet worked for me

    I have been taking this product for almost a month and a half and have seen no improvement in my sore stiff back and sore shoulder. I have been very disappointed, I was hoping this product would help with my constant pain.

    Reviewed on 5/1/13 by donb

    A bad odor

    I had high hopes, but I didn't see any benefits. Maybe there would have been long term ones but I couldn't stand the smell of the gel caps. It was starting to make me sick. I have returned them.

    Reviewed on 4/29/13 by Linda E

    The real deal!

    I had a pain behind my kneecap when going up and down stairs and after taking for two weeks I am pain free. I'll never be without it. Absolutely amazing.

    Reviewed on 4/28/13 by Rainey Grimes


    Joint flex provided NO relief to my wife She tried it for about 5 weeks with no difference.

    Reviewed on 4/27/13 by Dan the husband

    Was not happy.

    When I reordered this product, I received a totally different compound of ingredients. Since I had had such good results with the old, I was disappointed with the new formula. I am taking the new

    Reviewed on 4/23/13 by Don't have a nickname

    Finallly, a product that actually works

    I have just been using Jointflex complete for 3 weeks now and have had positive improvement in my shoulder. I am able to sleep thru out the nite. Before taking Jointflex I had so much pain that I could not sleep very well. Thanks, Dale

    Reviewed on 4/7/13 by Bird Man

    Join Pain Relief

    Keeps my knees moving freely

    Reviewed on 3/2/13 by LW1947

    I will be buying this product again!

    After starting to take Jointflex Complete the pain has subsided for the most part and I have such relief - able to get around on my feet so much better. Thank you so much!

    Reviewed on 2/21/13 by Sandy

    I would buy this again

    I have only taken this for three days and I feel good.Thank you

    Reviewed on 2/5/13 by na

    5 days brought relief!

    . I plan to never stop taking this preparation. Love it! I have several friends & family members who are now taking it upon my recommendation. As a RN I wish to avoid known NSAID side effects

    Reviewed on 1/8/13 by Arlene, the nurse

    good addition

    . I am very happy to report that today, my husband said that he was practically pain free! Thank you Dr Cutler.

    Reviewed on 12/26/12 by Carolynchen

    Jointflex Works

    My wife and myself take Jointflex 2 times a day, one in the morning and one after dinner.

    Reviewed on 9/27/12 by Ron

    I continue to buy this product...

    I've used this product for a couple of years now. Had pain in lower back that at times made it difficult to walk when it flared up. Since I started taking Joint Flex daily, I haven't had any issues!

    Reviewed on 9/20/12 by Jewels

    I always buy this product.

    . Your product has helped me reduce the inflamation in my knee joints over the last 5 years, or so, but I am not completely without pain.

    Reviewed on 7/20/12 by Dave

    Repair Kit

    Jointflex Complete is like a unique toolbox designed for hard-to-get-to joints and delicate fixes. Being the one with some serious joint problems and worrying prospects of what next state, I can confidently say those hard times are behind me thanks to a chance stumble upon this product.. It worked for me!

    Reviewed on 7/16/12 by Boz

    It works!!

    , I decided to try Jointflex complete, and it has definitely eased and almost completely taken away the joint pain and discomfort.

    Reviewed on 6/23/12 by DPU



    Reviewed on 6/1/12 by KEN

    jointflex complete

    wonderful product

    Reviewed on 5/30/12 by monk

    I plan to use it at least another month.

    So far I like the product. I haven't been taking it but one month, so I don't see any major results yet. I think I need to give it more time.

    Reviewed on 5/29/12 by Sal

    i will buy this product again!!

    take 3 a day first thing in the morning, hope to take just one. Have less pain and have more mobility

    Reviewed on 5/29/12 by pops

    Pain FREE

    As a women in her 70's I have tried many products over the years BUT let me tell you this one works. I take it daily and am able to be as active as I choose.No change in two years. I don't go a day without it.

    Reviewed on 5/12/12 by Lakelady

    Good product but very slow service

    I think the product is very good but trying to buy it was a major problem. The company kept on getting my address wrong. When the parcel arrived in Australia it had the wrong address format and it was sent back to the US and had to be re-addressed. Very annoying when you have paid for the product and waiting to use it and it takes more than a month to arrive?

    Reviewed on 5/3/12 by Neville


    I take 3 capsules every evening. I like that you do not have to take it multiple times a day because I have a tendency to forget to do that. Once a day works for me. After taking just a few days I noticed "HEY! My knees don't hurt going up and down the stairs!!" I ordered an 8 month supply and will be trying other products by True Health.

    Reviewed on 4/26/12 by Texas Mom


    Amazing! My knees no longer creak, and my joints are pain free as well. Recommend it to anyone.

    Reviewed on 3/18/12 by Carmelita

    Use of hands back again

    Before using Jointflex Complete,. I could not wash my hands throughout the day without pain and definitely could not shake the water off of them. It was just too painful. To reach in my back pocket and pull out my billfold was a process that I dreaded because of the pain. After only four weeks taking Jointflex Complete, 90% of all that these sympthoms were gone. True Health gave me back the full use of my hands again. Thank you True Health

    Reviewed on 2/3/12 by Jim, the woodworker


    I have just finished my first bottle of Joint Flex complete and am impressed so far. I have painful joints just about everywhere, especially my knuckle joints on my thumbs and left shoulder. Within a few days of taking the product my thumbs stopped hurting and I have noticed my left shoulder improving almost on a daily basis. It really is quite remarkable. I am essentially pain free at rest and light load. At this point I haven't done any loading of the joints (Ie weight training) but feel sure after a couple more bottles of Joint Flex Complete will be confident enough and able enough to do so. My mobility is much improved. Joint Flex Complete has improved my life.

    Reviewed on 1/30/12 by Paladikal

    It Works

    This product works very well.I take it every day. Since taking this product my joints feel great.

    Reviewed on 1/24/12 by Tom

    Back pain relief

    Since taking Joint Flex Complete for just a few weeks, the pain level has gone down from 10 to 1, I would recommend anybody that has joint pain to try this product , its brilliant .

    Reviewed on 1/15/12 by Beryl

    Foot relief

    Assisted in relief of pain in foot

    Reviewed on 1/10/12 by Loz

    would buy this product again if on sale-

    A great product but a little expensive for people on limited income. I had shoulder (both) pain e so I turned to the internet & sooooo glad I did. I have taken 1 bottle of jointflex complete & my pain is almost completely gone. I am on my 2nd bottle.Will buy more when it is on sale as I purchased it the first time.

    Reviewed on 1/10/12 by pommom


    I believe the amount of cucurmin in the product gives the relief needed to reduce my pain . I can take Jointflex three times a day without any side effects.

    Reviewed on 1/8/12 by Big band singer

    Watch this Space

    Have friends who have had wonderful results so am waiting to see how I go. I think it's too early to say too much, except that I feel the pain has reduced and I have been telling others about it.

    Reviewed on 12/17/11 by Ckayel

    I would buy this product again and again

    The Jointflex Complete helps with my knee and shoulder. Using it every day the pain goes away. I have been using this product for almost 2 years now. At 75 next month, I have been able to go out in the campgrounds and do my metal detecting.

    Reviewed on 11/18/11 by Gretchen

    No more knee pain!

    I am a 58 y/o woman and had a great deal of pain in my knees. I used this with krill mega-3 and had no pain within a week. Absolutely no negative side effects. I will continue to take these supplements. Thank you, Dr. Cutler!

    Reviewed on 11/13/11 by jangar42134

    I only wish it was offered liquid form

    I love the results but I wish it were easier to take. Pills are large and hard to swallow. Taking three at a time on a daily basis keeps my throat feeling a little sore.

    Reviewed on 11/12/11 by Mamajo

    I will buy this product again and again!

    . Since I started the supplements, I have had much relief from stiffness . Within 2 days after starting them,I was almost pain free . I will continue to take these.I do wish you could get the dosage into one capsule. I do not like taking three at a time.

    Reviewed on 10/16/11 by Ruth

    Seems to work as good as others I've tri

    the product seems to be helping but I take other supplements as well so hard to tell which is doing the most good. Also exercise regularly.

    Reviewed on 9/25/11 by Shirl

    Was okay

    Took the product as directed some days felt like it worked, other days still had the same aches and pains as in the past. Don't believe that this product is probably any better than other products on the market.

    Reviewed on 9/22/11 by Nadrag

    It works better than most other brands

    I use it daily as shown on the bottle. I am 73 and my knee joints are bone to bone. , JointFlex Complete keeps me walking.

    Reviewed on 9/20/11 by Dave

    I would buy this product again

    I have pain alot of times and this really helps take care of it. I just take one a day and seems to keep my pain at bay.

    Reviewed on 8/27/11 by shadow 300

    Great product

    I love this product. I have tried many different brands and types of Glucosimine, MSM, and Chrondroitin and this is the best product that I have tried. I was busy and didn't reorder before I ran out and I really felt the difference. It was a month before I reordered and in the meantime I tried a different product from the health food store and I started hurting again and had a hard time walking up the stairs and just plain walking. I felt stiff and miserable. I reordered jointflex and am back on track. I never want to make that mistake again so I recently reordered 2 years worth. Its easy to get lazy about reordering but I paid the price with pain. I recommended this product to my sister. I believe in this product and would recommend it to anyone.

    Reviewed on 7/31/11 by pain free

    No change in issues

    I have used as directed for one month. I have seen no improvement from this product and will not be continuing it.

    Reviewed on 7/27/11 by Dawi

    Jointflex not as effective as Glucosamin

    I found Jointflex was not as effective as the Glucosamine & Chondroitin tablet I was taken.

    Reviewed on 7/20/11 by David T

    Great for the knees

    Coud not easily get up from a low chair. After two years of taking this, I can almost rise from a squat or kneeling position without assistance by using the hands and arms.

    Reviewed on 7/17/11 by none

    not yet able to share too much

    Too early to comment on this product as I have just consumed for a month.

    Reviewed on 7/4/11 by G S Ding

    yes it works...

    When JOINTFLEX was used on two independent subjects one male and the other a female being both in the range of 50 years old it showed to be very helpful and effective within the first week of using it...

    Reviewed on 6/10/11 by ROBERT

    I will buy this product again and again!

    I take one capsule three times per day with meals.

    Reviewed on 6/2/11 by pinky

    So far, so good.

    When he first started these capsules, he felt as though they really helped. But as is the case with arthritis, the pain waxes and wanes. However, we do feel that his knees are, at least, holding steady in that there seems to have been no worsening of the condition and perhaps some improvement. I have been increasing the amount of MSM that he takes with the capsules. This combination appears to be giving him some relief from the pain.

    Reviewed on 5/31/11 by Carolynchen

    It appears to be doing its job

    Using in conjunction with Ultimate Bone Support and Immune support and Resveratrol protect bones and joints, hopefully.

    Reviewed on 5/15/11 by Oldie (72yo)

    This is an amazing product

    I had tried over 8 other nutritional supplements to relieve my finger joints to no avail. When I first used Jointflex Complete, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so fast. I would recommend this product to anyone

    Reviewed on 5/14/11 by Rome

    its great

    I use this product because its helping

    Reviewed on 5/8/11 by beryl

    A Miracle

    I tried Joint Flex Complete. Within a few weeks, the pain in the knee was gone and I am on the way to be able to walk normally again.

    Reviewed on 4/21/11 by Oma

    I will continue using this product happi

    Reviewed on 4/15/11 by None

    Much less pain

    I've been taking Jointflex Complete for about 6 months. After about 2 months I began noticing less flare ups in my fingers, knees, and hips. I've tried many different herbal solutions, etc. but Jointflex has helped me the most.

    Reviewed on 3/31/11 by Ray

    This is a repeat purchase for me

    Within a few DAYS I felt some relief.

    Reviewed on 3/13/11 by Syl

    This is the best for me

    So far this is the best product I've found for me. I would recommend this for anyone to try.

    Reviewed on 2/22/11 by Woody

    Best Joint supplement out there!!!

    I have tried all of the other joint products out their. Joint flex is the best one I have found.

    Reviewed on 2/20/11 by cindy

    I haven't had much luck yet but know that the natural products take longer to show results. So I am staying on them until they give me better results.

    Reviewed on 1/31/11 by Sue

    "I can linedance again"

    I take Jointflex Complete everyday with each meal. There was a time that I could barely walk, let alone do my love of linedancing. After taking this product, my knees feel so much better and I am now dancing three times a week with no pain. Thanks Jointflex!

    Reviewed on 12/5/10 by Rosemary, linedancer

    Is it prudent to be a sceptic

    I am on my 5th Months supply I am beginning to notice small improvements following firstly experiencing pains in leg muscles & ankleWill give final verdict at years end.

    Reviewed on 11/18/10 by Hopalong


    I have been taken these caps for a few months and with some added prayer, am pain-free for which I am very thankful.

    Reviewed on 9/25/10 by Aussie Sue

    I would buy this product againg

    Great product started working about a week after taking it.I'm a mail carrier and do a lot of walking and climb a lot of steps.No more pain in my knees. I'm very grateful.

    Reviewed on 9/24/10 by Mr. mailman

    I would buy again

    Appears to effectively address joints resulting from running and other aerobics.

    Reviewed on 9/24/10 by stan4151

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