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Ultimate Res3

Item # TH5560

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    unfortunately I have not seen any change

    I value your other products but this one hasn't produced any results for me.

    Reviewed on 4/29/13 by Ida

    Ultimate Res3

    After reading the benefits of this product, I wouldn't be without it.

    Reviewed on 3/25/13 by Betty, a Christian

    Surprising results

    I take one capsule of Res 3 with each meal. After taking this product for 2 weeks I began to notice that my skin was healthier and more supple. After about a month I began to feel more energetic during my daily workouts in the gym. I am very happy with this product and intend to continue using it long-term.

    Reviewed on 1/28/13 by Axel

    I Think its Good For You

    I Think This Is Good For You, I Am 70 & Work 50 hours A Week

    Reviewed on 10/18/12 by RonsTime


    Use in conjunction with Ubiquinol and Krill oil \nDefinitely feel more energy and well being even at 76years of age.. Now about to undergo physical training under supervision to hopefully maintain this state of health combined with above nutrients for years to come. I have the greatest respect for Dr Cutler and his work. Other products to consider are Artery2 / and / or Ultimate cholesterol formula. Sincere thanks Dr Cutler to you and your resarchers. James\nPs My only regret is that importing into UK we have to suffer both Customs and extra delivery charges which are quite onerous ..... could do with a UK outlet where the products would be well received J

    Reviewed on 7/26/12 by James-Surrey

    Highly Recommended!

    Really 'felt' the difference with Ultimate Res3! Need to get some more because when I ran out, I did notice the difference after about 5 or 6 days. Will have this one on my must have's from now on!

    Reviewed on 4/29/12 by Busy Single Mom


    Thank You Dr. Cutler for a Wonderful product.\ I love it!

    Reviewed on 1/23/12 by cshermerc

    Genetic bomb 2012. Drink Holly Grail

    I cannot rate the effectiveness because I use many supplements. It appears the combined supplement are effective.

    Reviewed on 1/10/12 by Satan Killer

    This stuff is amazing!

    I am almost 53 and haven't felt this well since my 30s.\nI have more energy and its just a great bonus that my face appears younger as well. This product really works!

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by Full time working mom

    Hard to tell

    I have always been pretty healthy, so it's difficult to say if the product has helped me in any way. There seems to be no negative side effects. I plan on continuing to take the product, because of the ingredients.

    Reviewed on 8/17/11 by Bob

    My dad swears by it

    I have no idea if resveratrol is the miracle some have claimed it to be but since my dad a retired biochemist and avid supplement supporter believes so strongly that it can potentially prolong a person's life I'm going to continue to take it. Hey he's 81 and still in possession of all his mental faculties so it's hard to argue!

    Reviewed on 8/9/11 by Guest

    Have to wait and see

    Too early to tell if it produces the results\nclaimed. Guess I'll know more in a few years.\nTrust the source, through, and that's why I placed\nthe order.

    Reviewed on 8/2/11 by Jon

    Living Well

    Ordered a 3 mos. supply. Have been using Ultimate Res3 exactly for 1 mos. now. Have not noticed any difference in my health. Just hoping that it is doing what it claims to do, and that is to keep you healthy and feeling good.

    Reviewed on 7/3/11 by Diamond Head

    I would buy this product again and again

    I use this daily, it's great.

    Reviewed on 6/15/11 by Russ

    Res3 and Me

    I assume the product has long term benefits; but I noticed nothing after 30 days. I am in good health and take a muti-vitimin, krill oil, and CoQ-10.

    Reviewed on 6/14/11 by Gram

    Use Daily

    This product works for me.

    Reviewed on 5/31/11 by Natasha the energetic

    I would buy this product

    I take one easy to swallow pill every morning it doesn't have any cons to me I feel better when I take it.

    Reviewed on 5/7/11 by Russ

    Part of my fitness regimen

    I recently added this supplement to my daily fitness regimen.

    Reviewed on 5/4/11 by Binky

    Too much whiz & not enough bang

    I have been taking Res3 for a 6 weeks and have not noticed any changes.\nI will have blood work in a couple of months & will know more about it.\n\nDave Boyett

    Reviewed on 4/25/11 by Dave the Salsaman

    Can't tell if it's doing anything

    I take 1 capsule twice a day. I haven't really noticed anything different - either good or bad. I don't think it's hurting and maybe it's helping, but I probably won't reorder.

    Reviewed on 3/23/11 by mjl030


    I've been taking Ultimate Res3 for about three weeks now. I believe that this product is helping to potentiate several other True Health products that I'm taking. I feel like I have more vigor and greater mental clarity, which is probably from the Ultimate Res3. I'm hoping that with prolonged use (I bought the one-year supply), I will experience even greater benefits.

    Reviewed on 2/17/11 by Health Shopper 1

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