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Ultimate Colon Care Formula

Item # TH1803

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    Gentle and Works well

    This is a great product. It really is gentle. It has a very natural feeling and works perfectly for me and a friend I turned onto it. She likes it real well too. Very satisfied.
    Thanks Truehealth !

    Reviewed on 11/17/15 by Gina

    used to work wonders, the new formula does not!!

    For the last 4 years this stuff has been the only thing to keep me regular daily. however, the new improved formula does not work for ME, period. so bummed. This not to say it will not work for you.

    Reviewed on 11/10/15 by lsmith


    It is the best product there is. I use to have severe constipation. I tried everything. Thank you!

    Reviewed on 10/29/15 by Brenda Roberts

    has worked wonders!

    After I returned from a 30 day River Cruise, I ordered this product, as I was tired of being constipated when I travel. It has worked wonders for me at home. Now I hope when I travel it also works for me.

    Reviewed on 10/18/15 by Judy

    It really works!

    With the onset of menopause, came the onset of occasional constipation. Now with Ultimate Colon Care
    1 capsule a day before lunch or dinner provides me with temporary relief of constipation.

    Reviewed on 5/26/15 by Deborah


    My husband and I loved the old formula....I hate to send the new back but it just doesn't work as well at all...some people may love it but the old formula was awesome...please bring it back!!!

    Reviewed on 5/26/15 by FRAN ABERNATHY

    I recommend it!

    My 85 year old uncle recommended this product to me after hearing my struggle with my bowel movements. I am totally satisfied with the results! I am reordering it for the first time, but I know it will be a continuous purchase!

    Reviewed on 4/12/15 by Marysol

    New and improved is not!

    I have used this product frequently for a couple years and consider it to be essential! It has worked wonders! Recently received the new and improved version and it is not the same, and really doesn't seem to work at all. What was once indispensable is not just another so-so supplement. Dr.Cuttler please bring back the original formula!!

    Reviewed on 4/5/15 by T. Cassidy

    This is your only stop

    I have been taking this product for 3 years now, it is the only thing I recommend. Love all the ingredients in it. When I first started I had to take 1 capsule 2 to 3 times a day for about 4 days then things started moving. Now I take it as directed. 2 thumbs up!!! 150% worth it !!!

    Reviewed on 12/6/14 by Rebecca Young

    Finally something that works...

    My wife and my mother have opposite problems. One is too loose and the other gets constipated. This product works very well for both of them. They are both now regular as can be. BTW, my wife is 61 and my mother is 90...

    Reviewed on 11/12/14 by Chuk

    Ultimate Colon Care Formula

    I have used this product for several years and have been very pleased with its results.

    Reviewed on 11/6/14 by Lynda Hairrell

    Love it,

    I've been using this product for several months and am very happy with it. It keeps me regular and I really don't like running out of it!

    Reviewed on 10/10/14 by Bella

    Ultimate Colon Care Formula

    A relative gave me a bottle to try and it is the first time I have had a regular, uncomplicated continuous (over a month) daily bowel movement in 30 years. Great product. Wish I could afford to buy it regularly.

    Reviewed on 8/31/14 by Edward E. Knotts

    Ultimate Colon Care Formula

    I have spent a lifetime being pretty much constipated so when I found the above formula I was eager to try it as a last resort. Since buying this I have RARELY had to worry about not having what I consider to be a normal bowel movement ….. I love it especially as I travel a fair bit and as you know, being in a different country can cause constipation with different foods etc.
    Now I just pack my bottle of Colon Care formula knowing that my trips are less risky. Thank you True Health ….. I would thoroughly recommend this product if you are not regular.

    Reviewed on 8/23/14 by B Robertson

    Best Product

    I have had problems all my life and tried everything, they either did not work or were too strong. This product has worked for me for the last two years. I will never give it up. I gave a bottle to my daughter and she is using it with great success. You have to play with the amount you use to get the results you want. I hope this product will be available the rest of my life.

    Reviewed on 8/2/14 by Natalie

    It changed my life!

    Since I began taking this product, I am no longer constantly constipated. I have bowel movements regularly and in addition no longer have constant gas and bloating like I used to. I would highly recommend it!

    Reviewed on 7/25/14 by Anonymous

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