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New-Ultimate Digestion Formula

Item # THUDF

Quick Overview

Say goodbye to heartburn and indigestion, and hello to comfortable digestion with the New Ultimate Digestion Formula!
lifetime guarantee made in the usa
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
  Amount Per
% Daily
Slippery Elm Bark 200 mg *
German Chamomile Extract flower,
  1.25% apigenin
150 mg *
Licorice Extract** (DGL) deglycyrrhizinated root 75 mg *
Aloe vera^ inner leaf gel 50 mg *
Lemon Balm Extract Leaves, 3% rosmarinic acid 50 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established
Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide and vegetable magnesium stearate.

**GutGard® is a registered trademark of Natural Remedies PVT, LTD.

^ACTIValoe® is a registered trademark of Aloecorp.

Suggested Use:Take one capsule two times daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Caution:Consult with your healthcare professional if you have any medical condition before taking this or any other dietary supplement or before changing any medications.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.

This product is manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


New discovery fixes your acid flare-ups for good

Say goodbye to spoiled days and sleepless nights due to the burning and bloating of acid indigestion. Now there’s a simple daily solution to stop your acid flare-ups before they start.

True Results:

  • Cools the burn of acid indigestion[i]
  • Cuts symptoms of indigestion by 51%[ii]
  • Reduces bloating, regurgitation, burping and gas[iii]
  • Calms inflammation and soothes your digestive tract[iv]

How Ultimate Digestion Formula Works for You

Stop occasional acid reflux before it strikes by getting to the root of the problem instead of just quieting symptoms. You may feel those burning, gurgling, sleep-wrecking acid flare-ups in your throat and chest, but they start much further down in your gut. And that’s exactly where the potent ingredients in Ultimate Digestion Formula work to reduce gastric acid, ease burning and bloating, stimulate protective mucus production, and soothe inflammation.

Ultimate Digestion Formula combines advanced, research-backed ingredients that do much more than cool the burn of acid reflux. They work to balance and bolster your body’s own digestive system, eliminating excess acid and the discomfort it causes.

This simple daily solution soothes and buffers your digestive tract, and keeps the burn at bay so you can stop worrying about when acid reflux will strike again.

Five powerful ingredients in this exclusive formula work together to soothe, calm and balance your digestive tract, from your esophagus to your intestines…

GutGard® DGL Licorice Root (150 mg)

This proprietary form of deglycyrrhizinated licorice is a flavonoid-rich extract and superior antioxidant. Research has shown that glabridin, the main active component in GutGard®, increases gastric pH, reduces overall gastric acid levels and reduces gut acidity. In this way, GutGard® takes direct aim at the primary cause of your acid indigestion.[i]

ACTIValoe® Aloe vera Inner Leaf Gel (100 mg)

Aloe vera contains more than 75 biologically active amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and sterols. ACTIValoe® is a proprietary version of this complex ingredient that is gently stabilized to maintain its health-supporting benefits. Specifically, it inhibits certain chemical pathways to calm inflammation, reduces gastric acid secretion, and supports healthy mucosal production, all which help soothe and support your gastrointestinal tract.[ii]

Slippery Elm Bark (400 mg)

The inner bark of the slippery elm tree, which takes on a gel-like consistency when mixed with water, works to coat and soothe the mucous membranes in your gastrointestinal tract. In addition, research shows that slippery elm also stimulates nerve endings to increase mucus secretion along the digestive tract for further buffering protection.[iii]

German Chamomile Extract Flower (300 mg)

This member of the daisy family of plants is one of the oldest, most widely used and well documented medicinal plants in the world. This specific extract is standardized to 1.25% apigenin, the active ingredient in chamomile and a powerful antioxidant flavonoid. Chamomile not only calms inflammation of the mucous membranes in your gastrointestinal tract, but also acts as a digestive relaxant that helps ease gas, indigestion, nausea, and other gastric irritation.[iv]

Lemon Balm Extract Leaves (100 mg)

This member of the mint family has been used for centuries by herbalists to promote digestive health. Research shows that essential oil of lemon balm acts as an intestinal smooth muscle relaxant, which works to soothe your sour stomach as well as reduce gas, nausea, and bloating.[v]


Research Corner

Feature NutrientGutGard® DGL Licorice Root

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, subjects taking 150 mg of GutGard® a day for 30 days reported a 51% reduction of indigestion symptoms, including heartburn, abdominal fullness, belching, bloating, nausea and regurgitation. They also experienced a 54% reduction in disruption to daily living as a result of indigestion symptoms. In other words, GutGard® significantly improved their digestive comfort and their quality of life![vi]



Feature Nutrient–ACTIValoe® Aloe vera Inner Leaf Gel

ACTIValoe® is a special extract of aloe vera inner leaf gel that is manufactured using the patented Qmatrix® dehydration technology. This drying method uses low temperatures and short drying times to gently stabilize the aloe and maintain its many digestive health-supporting nutrients.



Quality Ingredients and Manufacturing

Ultimate Digestion Formula
is made from premium selectively-sourced ingredients, in research-based doses and forms. Like every True Health® nutritional supplement, this formula is manufactured in an FDA-inspected USA facility to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for quality, purity and potency.


How to Get Your Best Results

Take one capsule twice daily after your morning and evening meals. For best results, drink a glass of water with each capsule. This helps activate the gel-forming nature of the slippery elm ingredient and promotes absorption of all the formula’s nutrients.

Studies show that you can expect results in just 15 days, or possibly sooner. And, if you have a stubborn case of acid reflux, it’s completely safe to double your dose of Ultimate Digestion Formula.


[i] Raveendra K et al. An extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra (GutGuard) alleviates symptoms of functional dyspepsia: a randomizd, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Evid Based Compl Alt Med 2012; Article ID 216970, 9 pages.

[ii] Ibid.

[iii] Srivastava JK et al. Chamomile: An herbal medicine of the past with bright future. Mol Med Report 2010;3(6):895-901.

[iv] Panahi Y et al. Efficacy and safety of Aloe vera syrup for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease: a pilot randomized positive-controlled trial. J Tradit Chin Med 2015;35(6):632-6.

[v] Raveendra K et al. An extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra (GutGuard) alleviates symptoms of functional dyspepsia: a randomizd, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Evid Based Compl Alt Med 2012; Article ID 216970, 9 pages.

[vi] Yusuf S et al. The effect of Aloe vera A. Berger (Liliaceae) on gastric acid secretion and acute gastric mucosal injury in rats. J Ethnopharmacol 2004;93:33-7.

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