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Essential Ammunition in Your Liver’s Fight Against Free Radicals*

Great news for your body’s most important detoxification organs! We’ve updated our popular Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ formula based on the latest scientific research to deliver far more free-radical-fighting power, with stronger ingredient doses and the addition of extraordinary Extramel® melon pulp concentrate.* Better yet, you get this new, advanced nutrient combination in just 2 capsules a day (down from three in our original formula) and for the same price!

True Results:

  • Increases production of glutathione and SOD, two critical detoxification antioxidants1,2,3*
  • Helps regenerate antioxidants in your body for strong protection against free radicals4,5*
  • Helps your body effectively neutralize and eliminate harmful toxins6,7,8,9,10*
  • Nourishes and protects your liver and kidneys, and improves the detox functions they perform
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response and overall immune system function11,12*
  • Helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and decrease mental and physical fatigue13,14*

How New Liver & Kidney Cleanse Works for You

Your liver and kidneys are unsung heroes that work around the clock doing the heavy lifting in your body’s detoxification system. Every minute of every day, approximately one-third of your body’s total blood supply is processed through your liver, which filters the blood and removes toxins and foreign proteins.*

We regularly encounter smog, exhaust, manufacturing chemicals, pesticides, petroleum and plastic byproducts, prescription drugs, cigarette smoke, alcohol, trans fats, food additives and intestinal microbes.*

Less obvious, but equally challenging, are the toxins and free radicals produced as your body goes about its everyday business. Ironically, even the liver’s own detoxification process creates harmful free radicals that it must address.*

The Detoxification Conundrum

To give you a better idea of just how daunting the daily challenge is for your liver, think of it as your body’s own chemical clearinghouse, operating non-stop, 24/7. It must process an incredible barrage of compounds, sorting the good from the bad, allowing those your body needs to be absorbed and ushering those that are harmful out.*

But the free radicals in this toxic stew can take a toll, bogging down the detoxification process and creating a backup of nasty chemicals that can harm your liver and even seep back into your bloodstream. And since your liver sorts through everything that comes into your body, it can become a hotbed for the worst-of-the-worst free radicals.*

Higher doses of key antioxidants plus NEW Extramel® for extraordinary liver support and total body revitalization*

Although your liver leads the charge on this “clearinghouse” detoxification process, it needs the help of specific, powerful antioxidants to get the job done right, while protecting itself from free-radical damage. This last part is critical—if your liver can’t protect itself against free radicals, it can’t stop them from getting to your other organs and wreaking havoc!*

New Liver & Kidney Cleanse brings you a trio of superstar antioxidants to support your liver and kidney health.

1. NEW Extramel® Melon Pulp Concentrate. This concentrate is made from a special variety of non-GMO cantaloupe melons, which are grown solely in the south of France and contain naturally high levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD). This is important because SOD is one of the few antioxidant enzymes with the power to neutralize highly reactive superoxide free radicals. These are particularly dangerous free radicals that are generated during your liver’s detoxification processes, posing a unique and vicious threat.*

But, that’s not all that Extramel® can do. Research indicates that, in addition to supporting a healthy inflammatory response and reducing lipid oxidation markers associated with free radical damage, Extramel® also decreases feelings of stress, irritability and fatigue that are associated with high levels of these markers. One study showed that 10 mg daily of Extramel® even improved total quality of life scores by an incredible 42% after just four weeks! And you get the same research-based 10 mg dose of Extramel® in our New Liver & Kidney Cleanse formula.*

2. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC). This impressive antioxidant amino acid works to neutralize toxins and pollutants that can accumulate in your liver and kidneys—including destructive superoxide free radicals. It also acts as an essential transport molecule, ushering toxins out of the body through urine or bile.15*

But NAC’s most important contribution comes from its role in generating glutathione. Glutathione is your body’s “master” antioxidant and is present in every one of your cells. In addition to its own free radical-fighting power, glutathione also helps regenerate other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E.16*

Unfortunately, your natural levels of this antioxidant powerhouse decline precipitously with age. And supplementing directly with glutathione is not effective because it is not well absorbed by your body. That’s where NAC comes in. Because NAC is a precursor to glutathione, your body can use it to manufacture the glutathione it needs to replenish diminishing supplies, as well as protect and support your liver and kidneys. And New Liver & Kidney Cleanse delivers three times more NAC than our original formula!*

3. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA). This is another important, liver-friendly antioxidant. ALA is naturally produced in your body and can also come from foods, like organ meats, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach. But for optimal liver function, your body needs more ALA than you can get from diet alone, especially as you age and your natural ALA levels decrease.*

Unlike many other antioxidants, ALA is both water- and fat-soluble, meaning it is accessible to almost every cell in your body. And, like NAC, ALA helps to regenerate other antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, and even your body’s master antioxidant, glutathione.*

On top of its free-radical fighting abilities, ALA helps to leverage the energy-producing ability of mitochondria—the engines that power every cell in your body. And ALA helps remove toxins from cells, especially the byproducts of fat metabolism, which helps ease the work load for your liver. We’ve increased the dosage of this important ingredient from 60 mg to 100 mg in New Liver & Kidney Cleanse for even stronger detoxification support.*

Plus, Two More Tried-And-True Liver Helpers*

In addition to the targeted, triple-power antioxidant defense against free radicals that New Liver & Kidney Cleanse gives you, the formula also includes two tried-and-true herbal extracts that have been used for centuries to support liver and kidney health, and improve the detoxification functions these organs perform:*

Milk Thistle Seed Extract is rich in silymarin flavonolignans, which have been used since ancient times to support liver health. Milk thistle has significant anti-inflammatory effects and, like Extramel®, NAC and ALA, it helps boost the production of glutathione and superoxide dismutase.*

Additionally, this herbal extract is an extraordinary protector of lipid cell membranes in the liver. By inhibiting the absorption and transport of toxins and proteins through these membranes, milk thistle offers invaluable protection to your liver cells.*

Dandelion Leaf Extract. While you may think of dandelion as a common weed that can take over an untended yard, it really has remarkable health-promoting qualities. The plant’s official name is Taraxacum officinale, and its active constituents are called sesquiterpenes.*

Traditional uses for this herb date back to the 10th century in the Middle East. And modern nutritionists use dandelion leaf extract to help the kidneys efficiently flush toxins from the body.*

Total Body Health Benefits*

Beyond detoxification support, New Liver & Kidney Cleanse helps these organs stay healthy so they can perform their other important—and often under-recognized—roles, including blood sugar regulation, protein production and storage, bile production for healthy digestion of fats, red blood synthesis, blood pressure regulation, and vitamin storage and distribution.*

Clearly, your liver and kidneys are critical to your long-term well-being! Taking New Liver & Kidney Cleanse will keep them nourished, protected and working their hardest so you can feel your best each day.*

Research Results

EXTRAMEL® MELON PULP CONCENTRATE to reduce lipid oxidation and associated stress and fatigue*

Oxidative stress leads to increased levels of inflammation and lipid oxidation that are associated with increased feelings of stress and fatigue. In a 4-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, researchers found that subjects taking 10 mg of Extramel® each day had significantly reduced feelings of stress, irritability, sleep troubles and weariness, as well as a 42% increase in total quality of life scores.*
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MILK THISTLE SEED EXTRACT for improved liver function*

Silymarin, the active component of milk thistle seed extract, is an extraordinary protector of liver cell membranes. A double-blind, randomized controlled trial showed that the silymarin exerted liver-protective effects and improved liver function.*
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Research Results
Extramel® Melon Pulp Concentrate (10 mg)

Both cell and animal studies have demonstrated that melon juice concentrate with SOD activity can significantly inhibit inflammatory markers.1 And because increased levels of inflammatory markers are associated with increased levels of individual stress, researchers tested the anti-stress and anti-fatigue effects of Extramel®.*

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 70 men and women received either 10 mg of Extramel® or placebo each day for 4 weeks. Validated questionnaires were used to measure stress and fatigue levels and results showed that feelings of pain, irritability, sleep troubles and weariness significantly improved by 30%, 22%, 38% and 26%, respectively. Perceived stress was reduced by 30% and total quality of life scores improved by 42%.2*

In another double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, researchers investigated the stress, and mental and physical fatigue-relieving benefits of Extramel® (10 mg/day) in 61 healthy volunteers. They found that Extramel® was better than placebo in all areas tested3:*

  • Perceived stress decreased by 11% and 6% after 4 and 12 weeks (from 41.1 to 36.5 and 38.8)
  • Quality of life scores improved by 18% and 19% after 4 and 12 weeks (from 43.1 to 35.3 and 34.9)
  • Mental fatigue scores improved by 25% and 28% after 4 and 12 weeks (from 73.2 to 91.2 and 93.6)
  • Physical fatigue decreased 8% after 12 weeks (from 91.8 to 84.4)
Milk Thistle Seed Extract (525 mg)

Milk thistle, or Silybum marianum, is a plant native to southern Europe, Asia Minor and northern Africa with seeds that have been used since ancient times to promote liver and gallbladder health. It has also been used to protect the liver against chemical and environmental toxins including snakebites, mushroom poisoning and excess alcohol. Milk thistle’s active components are flavonolignans, collectively called silymarin, which contains silybin, silydianin, and silychristin.*

Research studies have shown the liver-protecting and supporting effects of silymarin, the active constituent of milk thistle:*

In a double-blind, randomized controlled trial, subjects with chronic liver problems were given a treatment of silymarin for six months. Results showed that the silymarin exerted liver-protective effects and improved liver function.4*

In a four-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 106 individuals with liver problems, silymarin-treated individuals had significantly more normalization of liver parameters than did those on placebo.5*


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Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional. May be taken in divided doses.

NOTE:  If you are pregnant, nursing, on medication or have renal insufficiency, gallstones or other forms of bile duct disease, consult your physician prior to taking.


Each serving contains: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 600 mg *
Milk Thistle Extract (seed) 525 mg *
Dandelion Extract (leaf) 200 mg *
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg *
Melon Pulp Concentrate^ (fruit) 10 mg *
*Daily Value (DV) not established    

^Extramel® is a trademark of Bionov.

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, vegetable stearate, silicon dioxide and cellulose.

This product is manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)